A Dark Vision Of Human Depopulation

June 10, 2018

Jack Alpert & Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory

I always enjoy listening to podcasts by James Howard Kunstler, who envisions global markets and technology driven to a halt by natural events, collapse of energy resources, and conflict. Kunstler provides a reassuring solution in a return to life as it was in the 1800’s, but with an enlightened back-to-the-land feel.

He does however interview some far-out futurists, and Jack Alpert is a prime example.
First, here’s a link to the podcast so you can follow along with Alpert’s concepts:

KunstlerCast 303 — Jack Alpert on Unwinding the Human Predicament


Alpert created The Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory and ran it At Stanford University from 1978 to 1992, when it became a privately run foundation. Alpert predicts there will be a 90% population decrease by the year 2100, and this will occur voluntarily or by a scheme of disease and famine that may be artificially created.

Alpert does not discount technology like free energy being discovered but believes it unlikely.
In fact, Alpert refers directly to the book and movie “The Road”, by Cormac McCarthy and predicts cannibalism in the not-so-distant future.

Alpert also refers to another fiction novel that has a billionaire and his cadre plotting to release a virus that would depopulate the planet.
Some researchers believe this could be happening in our current time.

Alpert’s solution is to create a global one-child law as soon as possible or much worse things will happen.


Here’s what I am considering; Was Alpert’s research and planning part of SRI – the Stanford Research Institute? His bio shows him all over Menlo Park hi-tech companies, and his research is the bread-and-butter of think tanks like The Rand Coropration and the CIA itself.

In a rather tame and subdued Wikipedia page, we see that SRI is connected to CIA psychic studies (read mind control) and outfits like The Office of Naval Research, and related intelligence technologies.



Looking at Alpert’s website for The Stanford Knowledge Integration Laboratory (SKIL) we again read some rather benign articles that do not quite reflect the tense and potentially horrific future that he describes verbally in the interview linked above.

I have no doubt his work is being carefully studied by the puppet-masters of the world, that there will indeed be a tipping point that triggers depopulation. This vision by the way, foresees a drop in population from the current 7.6 billion to 600 million by 2100. According to Alpert, there are only three places in the world that can sustain the remaining 600 million on hydro-power: The Pacific Northwest, Uruguay/Paraguay, and a remote area in China. And then, after some 400 years those dams will silt in, break down and fail, leaving earth’s remaining population in a bleak but potentially survivable future.

Not at all pretty. Listen to the podcast linked above and take a look at Alpert’s SKIL website at this link:




Berkeley declares ‘climate emergency’ worse than World War II, demands ‘humane’ population control



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One Response to A Dark Vision Of Human Depopulation

  1. Tex on August 5, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    The future is indeed bleak. It’s anyone’s guess as to how many of the human species will perish but the fact is that we now have every major mainstream “news” outlet in the world talking about the cataclysmic and inevitable outcome global warming; whereas even as recently as ten years ago such talk was relegated to the smoke filled back rooms where “conspiracy theorists” congregated to grouse and exchange their doom and gloom prognostications about the future of the world.

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