Did Woman Warn About Vegas Shooter, Mass Killing? -Updates

October 3, 2017

Mandalay hotel, two windows used for shooting

The horrible mass-shooting that occurred in Las Vegas leaves us with many unanswered questions. Among those such as motive and method we see a report in the British press that an agitated woman pushed her way to the stage area and began telling concert-goers that they were all going to be killed. From “The Independent”:


“Las Vegas shooting: Woman told crowd ‘you’re all going to f***ing die’ before attack started
The mystery woman was allegedly ‘acting crazy’ and telling people ‘you’re all going to f***ing die’, 45 minutes before the shooting started

Concert goers were told “You’re all going to f***ing die” less than an hour before the Las Vegas shooting started, it has been claimed.
A woman in the crowd is said to have yelled the warning about 45 minutes before the Route 91 Harvest festival became the venue for the worst mass shooting in US history.

After her outburst, it was claimed, the woman and her male companion were made to leave the venue by security.
Less than an hour later, an attack began that left at least 50 people dead.”

(video of first-hand report embedded in link above)


So now we know that the woman and her companion were escorted out by security, who should be able to provide descriptions of the two individuals. Surely the police would be following this lead.

As of yet, no motive has been determined. The shooter was fairly wealthy, owned two airplanes and real estate. His long-time girlfriend was located in the Philippines, and it is unclear if she has provided useful information about alleged shooter Stephen Paddock.

Paddock reportedly took his own life just as police were breaking in to his room. However, Paddock was found with over twenty guns, indicating he had a plan to shoot it out with police. Did he actually shoot himself, and if not would the police have a reason to say he did?

Additionally, as the picture of the hotel above shows two separate rooms were used in the shooting. I assume they must have had an adjoining door because it is not likely that Paddock would move through the hallway where he would be exposed. The other possibility is that more than one shooter was involved.

Paddock appears to have worked for an unnamed defense contractor that was bought and folded into Lockheed Martin. Why has nobody reported the name of this contractor?

To provide further confusion, there have been reports of ISIS involvement, which are likely false, but the Philippine connection is curious. I myself believe that is doubtful, a bullshit cover story.

Paddock reportedly sent a large amount of money to the Philippines, and had been dropping over $10.000 a night at casinos.


Was Paddock associated with the intelligence community, due to the Lockheed connection?

Was he laundering money through casinos?

Could he have been murdered and serve as a Patsy?

Paddock’s father was a bank robber:

Vegas Shooter’s Dad, Patrick Benjamin Paddock, Was a Convicted Bank Robber Who Escaped Federal Prison, Tried to Run Down FBI Agents With His Car


“Authorities were tipped off to Paddock’s exact location when the shooter fired at a security guard, injuring the worker. Sisolak said that police later threw a flash grenade into Paddock’s hotel room and broke down the door, but he was already dead.

Paddock only had one minor citation and did not show up on law enforcement radar, he said. Lombardo said authorities also found ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that’s common in explosives, in the suspect’s car.”



Was there more than one shooter?

Oct. 4, 2017, 3:00 a.m.

The trigonometry of terror: Why the Las Vegas shooting was so deadly

ABC news feed (scroll down):



“What he sees so far about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is a patient, well-trained gunner who did not pick and choose his targets, but held to a steady kill zone centered in the middle of thousands of concertgoers.

Once the trigger was pulled, simple laws of physics and trigonometry sealed the fate of more than 500 people who would fall wounded in the ensuing fracas — 59 of them fatally.

“He had a huge area of three, four or five football fields with people standing shoulder to shoulder,” Alphin said. “He was not aiming at any individual person. He was just throwing bullets in a huge ‘beaten zone.’”

Beaten zone is an infantry term dating to World War I. Shaped like the area a searchlight casts across a flat surface, it represents the area where bullets can strike, and moves substantially with tiny changes in the tilt of the gun.

If the shooter shifted by about 1 degree, or the width of two fingers held at arm’s length, Alphin said, the beaten zone would fall outside the crowd.

“That’s all the distance you have to move and you aren’t hitting anybody,” Alphin said. “So he had to be pointing or aiming at the very center of mass and then bouncing all over with the recoil.”

From a perch 320 feet above ground in a hotel whose base was about 1,050 feet from the concert venue, Paddock was firing down the 1,098-foot hypotenuse of a right triangle — and would have to adjust his aim for the arc of the bullet over that distance.

Alphin said there was “no way” the shooter maintained such a steady kill zone by dumb luck. Steady nerves and planning are a better explanation for the casualty rate, he said.

“How did this guy get trained that well? Where did it come from?”

I am told the maximum distance for .223 rounds is about 1500 feet. The estimated distance to the field is over 1300 feet from the Mandalay hotel. So the shooter was just dropping bullets in, so to speak. There would be no use of a scope with the rapid shooting patterns. How do the amount of accurate shots make sense here? One interview with a local Vegas news station had a woman saying “they were herded into a parking area in a different location, and people were still getting hit”.
Other witnesses suggest one firing pattern was laid over another, or that some shots were much louder and appeared to be fired from a closer range.

Shooter left a note:


Now they finally get around to talking about a possible accomplice:


“It wasn’t clear why Lombardo thought that Paddock had expected to survive his insane assault, which is the worst mass shooting in US history.

But he said that he believed the killer had ceased firing on the terrified civilians in order to figure out how he could escape, as SWAT teams closed in on his room.

He also noted that Paddock’s car contained two 50lbs of the explosive Tannerite – in two 20lb tins and 10 1lb tins – as well as 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

A journalist in the press pool asked whether Paddock had planned to use the vehicle to escape, but Lombardo declined to answer.

Lombardo also said he thought it was likely that Paddock had an accomplice, given the 23 rifles and piles of magazines in the room, the additional firearms in Paddock’s homes, and the electronic devices recovered from his Mesquite house.

Paddock would have had to have been a ‘super hero’ to pull it off, Lombardo said, before catching himself for using the word ‘hero’ to refer to a mass murderer.

‘Look at the weapon obtaining, the amounts of Tannerite available – do you think this was accomplished all on his own, face value?’ he said.

‘You gotta make the assumption he had to have help at some point, and we want to ensure that’s the answer.”
“If Paddock did have an accomplice, then it might make sense of the claim made on Wednesday that Paddock had ordered room service for two guests days before the massacre – as shown by a receipt.”


Marilou Danley was Paddock’s girlfriend. The FBI met her on her return from the Philippines, and she claimed she had no knowledge of Paddock’s alleged plan for the shooting, if he actually did it.

Danley has hired Matthew Danley, a criminal defense attorney who has worked for Terry Nichols on the Oklahoma City bombing case, and represented the Sinaloa drug cartel in a cocaine case. His expertise includes money laundering – here is his bio:


“Matthew Lombard has been a dedicated criminal defense attorney for over 12 years. He has extensive experience in a wide variety of legal matters, including: white-collar crimes such as investment fraud, counterfeiting, and credit card fraud; international extradition agreements, drug offenses, bank robbery, passport and social security fraud, identity theft, alien smuggling, violent crimes and death penalty cases. Mr. Lombard also has a successful track record in recovering property seized by the government.

In addition to negotiating pre-indictment and post-indictment pleas, Mr. Lombard has also received a number of not guilty verdicts in jury trials and has had numerous cases dismissed via effective pre-trial motions. Some of his most recent trials have included complex wire fraud, health-care fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering.”

Sinaloa connection:


“In total, the drugs are worth $8.2 million wholesale and $35 million on the street, King said.

The drugs belonged to the Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel and was destined to end up all over the country, King said.”

Now the police change the timeline: they say guard was shot before gun attack, Paddock moved into hotel on 25th, not 29th. Covering their ass, Vegas cops are lying.

Las Vegas gunman shot security guard a full six minutes before opening fire on concertgoers, police reveal


Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security guard six minutes before opening fire on a country music concert — raising new questions about why police weren’t able to pinpoint the gunman’s location sooner.

As more information comes in, this page will be updated

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2 Responses to Did Woman Warn About Vegas Shooter, Mass Killing? -Updates

  1. Tex on October 28, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    The entire story didn’t add up to me when I first heard it. I have been to the Mandalay Bay many times and know this area of the Las Vegas Strip quite well. It seems to me that the distance alone is sufficient that it would have made it very difficult for anyone to exact 58 or 59 kill shots (whichever it was) using an automatic fire weapon. Hundreds being wounded makes far more sense.

    Most of these mass murders involve a shooter who is no more than a few feet or at most a few yards away from their victims and yet few if any are able to achieve such a high rate of kill shots. The distances involved in the Las Vegas shooting, which in the case of some victims was close to a quarter of a mile, would take a sharpshooter’s skill level to exact the kind of shots that would typically kill an adult with a single bullet.

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