Kennedy and Oswald: Two Firsthand Accounts

November 17, 2013

Kennedys Riding in Dallas Motorcade

November 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy – an event that was planned long before November 22, 1963. Despite the flood of absolute crap coming out in the heavily-controlled mass media, a majority of Americans are aware of a conspiracy to kill the President. It’s deeply troubling that mainstream “liberal” pundits like NBC’s Chris Matthews maintain that “a disaffected communist” – Lee Harvey Oswald – killed Kennedy when there is absolutely no evidence that Oswald even fired a gun that day.
Many people say that we will never know what happened that day in Dallas, when actually a tremendous amount of evidence has surfaced that clearly shows how Oswald was manipulated by elements within the CIA, and that a huge cover-up ensued.

Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

In the thirty years I’ve been reading and studying material on the assassination, I have met two people that had firsthand information about the cover-up. The first was Gary Eitel, a source I met while writing a series of articles about Evergreen Aviation, a CIA contract airline that operated out of McMinnville Oregon. Eitel had been a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and later worked on some CIA contract flights. When I met him, he was involved in a Federal whistle-blower case involving the laundering of Forest Service C-130 firefighting aircraft to private companies with CIA contracts.
Eitel told me that while he was working on a police force in the Dallas area after Vietnam, he decided to find out a little about the Kennedy assassination on his own. There had been an incident at a rifle range where Oswald -or an Oswald “double” drew attention by being argumentative and shooting at other shooters targets while stating his name loud and clear. Eitel knew where the range was, and showed up in his police uniform – on duty, to ask some questions. The owner of the range got very, very nervous when Eitel started asking questions about Oswald – even years after the assassination. Eitel told the guy “Hey; don’t climb out of your tree, I am not here on official business”. After a short conversation, the Range owner let Eitel know that the person who created the ruckus at the range was not the “Oswald” that was accused of killing Kennedy. It had been a “double”.
In the book “JFK and The Unspeakable – Why He Died and Why it Matters” by James W. Douglass – (226-227) – Douglass details how The Warren Report had to withdraw the shooting range account of Oswald because the CIA already had built a cover story of Oswald being at the Russian embassy in Mexico City at that time. There were just “too many Oswalds doing too many Oswald-like things to arouse people’s suspicions, at exactly the same time”. Clearly, Oswald had multiple handlers building his cover and eventual fall as “a patsy”.

Dr. George Burkley

Dr. George Burkley

The second person I met with firsthand information related to the Kennedy assassination was the granddaughter of Dr. George Burkley. Dr. Burkley had been President Kennedy’s personal doctor. The granddaughter told me that every year that Dr. Burkley was alive he had a “visit” from government agents, presumably the Secret Service. At the time I wondered what they were trying to keep a lid on, and I recently found out.

Evidence of conspiracy

Evidence of conspiracy

Jefferson Morley runs one of the best JFK information websites I have found yet, He has also been involved in a lawsuit against the CIA regarding the potential release of files pertaining to the assassination.
In an October 26 post, Morley writes:

“… his client, Dr. Burkley … had never been interviewed and … he has information in the Kennedy assassination indicating that others besides Oswald must have participated.”

— From a conversation with the lawyer for Dr. George Burkley, JFK’s personal White House physician, who signed the death certificate and was the only doctor present both at Parkland Hospital in Dallas and at the Bethesda autopsy.
Richard Sprague, the House Select Committee on Assassinations’ Chief Counsel, wrote this memo to file after being contacted by Burkley’s lawyer about his client’s desire for an interview. Sprague, whose refusal to sign secrecy oaths with the CIA was causing unhappiness in Washington, was forced to resign days later.
Five months afterward, Burkley received one brief HSCA telephone contact, but was never asked why “others besides Oswald must have participated.”

As I wrote earlier, there is a tremendous amount of information available in open sources to discredit the cover-up that was “The Warren Commission”. As shown above, there were clearly Oswald “doubles” that were being manipulated by the intelligence agencies, and President Kennedy’s doctor had information that would have proved of multiple shooters during the assassination. Government agents kept a “lid” on him for the rest of his life.

On a recent panel discussion on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, the panel of guests addressed the issue of conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Secretary of State John Kerry had stated earlier in the program that in his opinion Oswald did not act alone. The consensus on the panel was that people needed to come up with a complex explanation for a random act of violence by a lone nut.

But the murder of John Kennedy was neither random, or the work of “a lone nut”.

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2 Responses to Kennedy and Oswald: Two Firsthand Accounts

  1. Ron Mancuso on May 30, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    I have read and followed this assassination for the whole 50 years. I was at Dealy Plaza many times after the assassination. I have studied this for many years as well as many, and I am convienced that Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the lone assassin. I believe that Mrs Kennedy who requested most of this infor to be locked up for 75 years so that we all would be dead or senile, have the answers locked up someplace. But obviously it includes our own government, CIA, possibly Johnson who hated Kennedy, Mafia for Robert Kennedy went after with such vigor and big business all could have a real hand in this. Would love to find somebody I could continue conversation with.

    • DR on May 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

      Hi Ron, thanks for the note;

      I will try soon to pin an e-mail address to this Blog so people can contact and co-miserate about the current state of affairs.

      There are a few great websites that you might want to look at:

      Both are great websites about the Kennedy assassination

      Cheers, DR

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