Round-up Of Alternative News In The Nemtsov Killing In Russia (Updates)

March 1, 2015

Nemtsov shot near Kremlin

Nemtsov shot near Kremlin

The media is very busy with hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing as they continue to ramp up fear of the Russian Bear. The recent shooting of Boris Nemtsov near the Kremlin has the chorus of “Putin did it” ringing from Langley to CNN. At this point despite western rumor-mongering, nobody has claimed responsibility or been fingered in a line-up. Round up the usual suspects, Wall Street Journal… Here is a sample of what may be the closest to the truth, on Nemtsov’s background and who may have actually profited from his death:

From “Fortruss”:
Did the US Murder Boris Nemtsov? The Imminent Threat 2-28-14
By: Joaquin Flores
“Headlines around the world have carried some variation of the story: the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Each of these includes some retelling of the pertinent facts: what, who, where, how … but the real question is ‘why’. The answer to this question, or rather, what the West insists is the answer, will tell us a lot about the US’s plans to escalate the tensions in Russia over Ukraine, and beyond.”
“It would be foolish to set aside any hypothesis about this being motivated by people close to him, in the realm of business, politics, or romance. In anything related to business dealings, we might recall that any number of people probably wanted him dead due to his criminality and corruption while serving as director of the now liquidated Neftyanoi Bank, and as chairman of its parent company Neftyanoi Concern.”
“An obvious link with this case is the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine, but in one variation—this killing may have been motivated by an internal dispute between pro-US factions there. Nemtsov was connected with the US-backed “Orange Revolution”, and Victor Yuschenko, who was appointed as an economic advisor then, left under suspicious circumstances and more enemies than friends.
Among any of these could very well be the motive of the killer or those behind him, but the timing of this shooting and other pertinent facts should lead us to consider that this was politically motivated.
These plots can actually be somewhat complex, and it is often the case that two birds are killed with one stone. A personal rival can be given a green light to settle a score, and also accomplish something of larger geostrategic significance such as this.
But to the point, here we are looking at whether this was carried out on the orders of one of the major players in the present world turmoil. Concretely, the question is whether this was carried out by the Russians and their friends, or by the US and their friends and numerous “assets”.
“Indeed, if the Russians had wanted Nemtsov dead, the value of killing him would have been in his absence. But if the Americans were to kill him, the value would be in the spectacle of the killing itself. This killing is loaded with spectacle.
While one can argue that Russia could have employed someone to use sloppy methods in order to throw off the scent, it is more likely that given the method, the choreography, the US is probably behind it. The deed itself could have been arranged through Ukrainian assets, which the CIA and other NATO nations now have in abundance, and would not have involved actual US agents on the ground in Moscow.”

From “The Saker”

“Breaking news: FALSE FLAG IN MOSCOW!
Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in Moscow. He was one of the most charismatic leaders of the “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition in Russia (please understand that in the Russian context “liberal” and “democratic” means pro-US or even CIA-run, while “non-system” means too small to even get a single deputy in the Duma). He was shot just a few days before the announced demonstration of the very same “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition scheduled for March 1st.
As I have already explained many times on this blog, the “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition in Russia has a popular support somewhere in the range of 5% (max). In other words, it is politically *dead*”.
“There is no doubt in my mind at all that either this is a fantastically unlikely but always possible case of really bad luck for Putin and Nemtsov was shot by some nutcase or mugged, or this was a absolutely prototypical western false flag: you take a spent politician who has no credibility left with anyone with an IQ over 70, and you turn him into an instant “martyr for freedom, democracy, human right and civilization”.
“What worries me most is that the Russian security services did not see this one coming and let it happen. This is a major failure for the FSB which will now have a lot at stake to find out who did it. I expect them to find a fall-guy, a patsy, who will have no provable contacts with any western services and who, ideally, might even have some contacts with the Russian services (like Andrei Lugovoi).
As for the “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” – it will probably re-brand the upcoming protests as a “tribute to Nemtsov” thereby getting more people into the streets.

There are folks in Langley tonight who got a promotion.”

From “Washington’s Blog”

Gorbachev: Killing Could Have Been A Provocation, Aimed At “Destabilizing The Situation In The Country, At Heightening Confrontation” With The West
Posted on February 28, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog
False Flag Terror?
Sniper attacks are commonly used as a form of false flag terror.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the the killing is aimed at “destabilizing the situation in the country, at heightening confrontation” with the West.

Gorbachev says:

“The assassination of Boris Nemtsov is an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilize it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition.”

The Saker notes that Putin warned years ago that a false flag of this nature might occur.

Michael Rivero notes:

“Another reason to doubt the “Blame Putin” chorus we are already seeing in the corporate media is the manner in which the shooting took place, in public, in front of the girlfriend, to generate the maximum publicity. If Putin had really wanted to kill this guy, it would have been a “suicide” in private or a small plane crash, the way the US Government handles assassinations.”

From “SOTT.Net”

Insignificant ‘Putin critic’ gunned down by someone who hates Putin
Joe Quinn
Sat, 28 Feb 2015

“Realising real politics wasn’t for him, Nemtsov decided to try his hand at legalized money laundering banking, joining Neftyanoi Bank which, with Nemtsov as director, was investigated and shut down in 2005 for money laundering and fraud.
In 2004 he joined the Ukrainian government of Mister-US-backed-Orange-Revolution Victor Yushenko, as an ‘economic adviser’. He was kicked out of the job in 2006 because of complaints from cabinet members that he was criticizing their decisions.”
“Nemtsov became a prominent face of the ‘opposition’ from 2011 to early 2012 when he and his ‘uncivil society’ friends attended a super-covert meeting at the US embassy in Moscow shortly after Michael McFaul had been appointed US ambassador. Unfortunately for the erstwhile ‘oppositionists’, several TV crews were waiting for them and asked them the obvious question: “Why are you visiting the new US ambassador?” There was no response from Nemtsov or the others as they entered, but after an hour or two with the ambassador they appear to have developed some hardcore social activist skillz and emerged with camera phones at the ready and a party line to chant at the journalists. You can watch the hijinks here.
Of course the answer to the question of what they were doing with the good ambassador was a no-brainer. Ambassador McFaul serves on the board of directors of Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy and is therefore an ‘easy touch’ for a few million$ worth of ‘democracy promotion’ bonds.

In 2011 the real US government Brookings Institution published a report that called on the US Senate to confirm McFaul as ambassador, and extolled McFaul’s merits in ‘democracy promotion’ (i.e. plotting coups) and meeting with ‘civil society’ representatives in Russia (i.e. paying coup plotters). The Brookings report, ‘Give the Next Russian Ambassador a Powerful Tool to Guard Human Rights’ also ordered the US government to equip McFaul with a bill to “sanction Russian officials accused of human rights abuses.” As with most rabid anti-Russian diatribes couched in vomit-inducing liberal-speak, the Brookings report was penned by arch-Neo-Conservative Robert Kagan, who is married to freedom-cookie queen of the Euromaidan, Victoria “f**k the EU” Nuland of the US State Dept.

Since 2011 Mr. Nemtsov was Mr. Nobody, politically speaking, with even the BBC stating that he had “fallen out of the limelight over the past few years” and “no longer considered part of mainstream politics in Russia”. Still, that didn’t stop the Western media from referring to Nemtsov as a “prominent opposition politician” whose death has “provoked a worldwide outpouring of sympathy and anger.” Really?”
“One final word of advice though to the other opposition “leaders” in Russia, chess-head Kasparov and Alexei Navalny in particular: Russia is obviously a dangerous place for opposition “activists”. To ensure your safety, please consider asking yourselves these questions:
•How much money have I taken from the US government to prepare the ground for a coup in Moscow?
•How much money has the US government spent on promoting me as a “prominent opposition leader” in Russia?
•Does the US embassy know where I live, and do they regularly track my movements?
•Does my usefulness to the US government as a still-breathing ‘anti-Putin activist’ outweigh my usefulness to the US government as a dead (assassinated) anti-Putin activist?”

This writer at “Fortruss” suggests Nemtsov was actually a triple agent:

“There may only be one conclusion: the staunch opposition leader Boris Nemtsov actually was an agent and an informer of the Kremlin.

His murder was not a sacrifice to accuse Putin, although, of course, our “friends” will not miss such an opportunity. This is not to scare the poorly performing liberals, although the murder must play this role as well. After several failures in Ukraine and in the activities of the fifth column, the foreign intelligence agencies finally found the “mole” and realized that Nemtsov actually worked for the Kremlin, passing back information directly from the camp of the enemy and preventing provocations.

The inglorious end of the ATO, the success of Minsk, the failure of the Russian Maidan – is largely to his credit. The stupid behavior of Ukrainian generals is explained not only by their incompetence, but also by the false information about Russian intentions supplied to them. To supply them with fakes of such level could only be done by a prominent Russian politician, whom the junta fully trusted. And when our American competitors learned about it, of course, they were furious and brutally murdered the agent under their nose, who was one of the most true friends of Putin.

Now it is obvious why for a leading role of a seasoned opposition leader was nominated such a safe figure, without a political weight. Most likely, Nemtsov quite a long time ago was just slipped to the fifth column and the Western and American intelligence agencies, standing behind it. And embedded him in terms of his “proximity to the Emperor”. That is, the game was not double, but triple. Of course, it went on for quite a long time. And, of course, even the closest people were not aware of it.

The immediate cause of the murder – the involvement of Nemtsov in the next provocation. His proximity to the government showed the enemy how to use him to strike at the heart of the Kremlin. The ideological basis of the next plot was a disagreement of quite high-ranking figures with the Russian foreign policy course and the resulting inevitable economic reforms. Not everyone has unconditionally accepted import substitution, the apparent pivot to the state control and a return to some socialist principles of the social structure. However, Nemtsov, according to his relatives, was in principle against any radical solutions and bloody massacres. He was trying to prevent another, clearly failed provocation, dissuading his liberal colleagues. This caused suspicion from his curators, a thorough investigation and ruthless elimination.

Nemtsov was killed on the background of the Kremlin towers, in order to first, show that he was outed, and secondly, to demonstrate that the next one may be someone behind the Kremlin walls.

The genuine sorrow and indignation of the Russian authorities is clear – they know who really was Nemtsov and why he died. The loss of such a devoted colleague, especially associated with the most significant projects of the enemy, in such a dangerous time is irreplaceable. The cries of the Kiev junta are understandable: the puppets will not be notified of the master’s affairs.”



Here is a very, very detailed analysis of how the hit went down, and how Nemtsov was led into the trap:

And from “Russia Insider”

First Suspects in Nemtsov Murder Identified
Confirmation by Head of Federal Security Service (FSB)

(TASS – russian news agency)Wed, Mar 4

“MOSCOW, March 4 (TASS) – Head of the Russian Security Service Alexander Bortnikov has announced that there are suspects in the investigation into the murder of prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.

“There are always some,” he said in reply to reporters’ questions.

Nemtsov, a co-leader of the RPR-Parnas party, was shot and killed on a bridge in central Moscow at a blank-point range several hundred meters away from the Kremlin minutes before the midnight of Friday, February 27.
The investigators are pursuing several lines of inquiry, including a contract killing. On March 3, Nemtsov was buried at Moscow’s Troyekurovo cemetery.

Car tied to Nemtsov killing belongs to enterprise serving government bodies
The car sought in connection with the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov belongs to a federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) providing services to the Finance Ministry, Goznak, the Russian state body that prints banknotes, and other agencies, the Finance Ministry said earlier on Wednesday.
“The Ford car we are talking about does not belong to the Finance Ministry,” the ministry’s press service told TASS. “This is a vehicle of an in-house security service, an independent FSUE providing services to the Finance Ministry, Goznak and other bodies.”
“At the moment the FSUE car was crossing the bridge, a patrol vehicle and police officers were already there,” the ministry noted.
A number of media outlets reported that the police were looking for the car, which fled the scene and which allegedly belonged to the Russian Finance Ministry.”

More on Nemtsov’s “girlfriend”, from Fortruss:

Was the eyewitness to the murder of Boris Nemtsov recruited by SBU chief Nalyvaychenko?

March 5, 2015
Translated by Petri Krohn

The companion of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was killed last Friday in the center of Moscow, was recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine in September last year. Versia.RU received this information from Russian political scientist and member of the Public Chamber Sergey Markov. Versia.RU found new details of the so-called “Ukrainian trace” in the murder of the Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. We have previously reported that Anna Duritskaya who accompanied Nemtsov on the fateful evening, was in a relationship with a member of the Ukrainian parliament Yuri Bezera, who concurrently holds the position of commander of “Dnepr-1” Battalion .
Sergey Markov, Russian political scientist and member of the Public Chamber commented to Versia.RU: “My personal opinion is that the murder was organized by the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko to cause an uproar in Moscow.” The correspondent of Versia.RU was told the escort Anna Duritskaya may have actually been recruited by the SBU last fall -at the time they were only interested in Ukrainian counterintelligence and not her Russian lover Nemtsov. At the same time of the affair with Nemtsov, Duritskaya, as confirmed by her close friends, had a special relationship with the National Guard battalion commander Yuri Bezera, a confidant of the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The aim of SBU operatives in recruiting Duritskaya was to “dig” compromising information on Bezera, and if they were lucky, on Kolomoiskiy himself. The fact that the photo model was in a relationship with battalion commander Yuri Bezera was revealed by the sister of Anna, who lives in Nizhnevartovsk, but occasionally visits Dnepropetrovsk.
By the way, according to the news portal “” the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation did not refute the information that in the case of the murder of Nemtsov operational data has appeared to support the version of the involvement of the SBU in the death of the politician. Apparently, in Kiev has already started covering their tracks: Ukrainian news agencies reported today that the missing girl’s parents – they allegedly left Kiev to the dacha and disappeared down the road.
7:56 PM
Nalivaichenko Nemtsov News SBU Ukraine

Two suspects caught
From Reuters News

Two suspects held over murder of Kremlin critic Nemtsov
By Darya Korsunskaya and Katya Golubkova

MOSCOW Sat Mar 7, 2015

“(Reuters) – Two suspects have been detained over the killing of Boris Nemtsov, Russian officials said, a week after he was shot dead near the Kremlin in the most high-profile killing of an opposition figure in years.
The Investigative Committee, the state body leading the investigation, named the two men as Anzor Gubashev and Zaur Dadayev. Russian President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the detentions, officials said.
“The individuals detained are, according to our investigation, involved in the organization and execution of the killing of Boris Nemtsov,” the committee said in a statement.
Russian state-controlled media reported the two were from the Caucasus, a violent and impoverished region on Russia’s southern flank. They were expected to be formally arrested at a court hearing in Moscow on Sunday, the reports said.”

Past high-profile killings in Russia have led to people being jailed for pulling the trigger — often hired hitmen from the Caucasus — while investigators have failed to track down those who ordered the assassinations.

“I want to believe that these ones are really the ones who conducted (the killing) and that once in a while law enforcement worked professionally and detained real assassins, and did not make a mistake,” Ilya Yashin, the co-chairman of Nemtsov’s party, said of the two suspects.
“The key task for investigators is to find and prosecute the ones who ordered this murder. If everything ends with the detention of scapegoats, irrespective of whether they are the real assassins or not, the practice of political assassinations will continue with no doubt.”
“Investigators have said the killing could have been a provocation to discredit the Kremlin, linked to Nemtsov’s business dealings or his private life, an attack by Islamist militants, or connected to the conflict in Ukraine.”
From “The Guardian”

From “NPR”

Seven men arrested now – From “The Saker”

Important developments in the Nemtsov murder case

“It took the combined efforts of the FSB/SKR/MVD one week to make the first arrests in the case of the murder of Nemtsov: a group of 7 men, all from the North Caucasus were arrested. A sixth man killed himself with a hand grenade in Grozny when he was about to be arrested.

The Russians used the combination of the “Potok” HD camera monitoring network and intercepts of all the cellular phone network calls made from the city center that evening to zero in the car used by the killer to escape which soon lead to the entire group.

The authorities seem pretty confident that they got the right men. They are:

•Zaur Dadaev (Заур Дадаев) – the supposed killer who, according to unconfirmed reports, was the deputy commander of the Chechen special operations battalion “Vostok”.
•Shagit Gubashev (Шагит Губашев)
•Anzor Gubashev (Анзор Губашев)
•Khamzat Bakhaev (Хамзат Бахаев)
•Tamerlan Eskerkhanov (Тамерлан Эскерханов)
•Shagid Gubashev (Шагид Губашев)
•Ramzan Bakhaev (Рамзан Бахаев)
The last two have not, as of this moment, been charged with anything.

This is a big group of people and it appears that the security services have caught if not the full network or gang, then at least most of it.
According to breaking news from Moscow, the main suspect, Zaur Dadaev, has now confessed that he is the person who killed Nemtsov.

The rapid arrest of all these men is, of course, good news for the security services, but considering that Nemtsov was murdered in one of the most monitored and protected locations on Russia, it is hardly surprising. I had expected an arrest withing 48 hours, and I bet you the Russians knew who done it very soon, but they wanted to arrest the full network.
“Chechens, especially those who served in the Chechen security forces, make ideal culprits as they can be presented either as criminal thugs, or religious fanatics, or both. Add to that the fact that Chechen mobsters have very close ties to the Ukrainian oligarchs and that Chechens are fighting on both sides of the conflict in the Donbass and you will immediately get the picture: it will be exceedingly hard to prove who ordered the murder and why.

So far my prediction that patsies will be found is proven correct and ideal culprits have been found. I just hope that this will be just the beginning of a real investigation and not the end of it.”

From “Fortruss”:
Nemtsov Murder: Case Closed?

“It is more likely that Dadayev is genuinely responsible for the crime, but that he is not revealing his true motives or instigators of the murder. It’s unlikely Kadyrov would have ordered it–he would not do anything that the Russian government would automatically disapprove of. It’s possible Dadayev has links to Chechen militants fighting on the side of the Kiev regime, but does not want to reveal them due to the strength of clan loyalties (we don’t know whether Dadayev is in any way related to these militants, but it cannot be ruled out). Finally, Dadayev may have been acting on behalf of a Chechen or Ingush faction, clan, or family that entered into conflict with Nemtsov on personal or business grounds. Again, the sense of loyalty would prevent Dadayev from implicating the party behind the murder, even if it meant taking the full blame for it.

It is also possible that the story has been released by the Russian investigators in order to induce a false sense of security among the party responsible for recruiting Dadayev to commit the murder. For all we know, Dadayev has spilled the beans, but the Russian government is protecting him and his relatives from retribution by insisting he has taken the full blame for the murder.

Last but not least, there is always the possibility that Nemtsov’s murder was ordered by someone within the Russian establishment, though not by anyone within Putin’s inner circle. If that’s the case, it would be only natural for Dadayev to be made to take the fall. However, since it’s virtually certain that the murder did not have official sanction at the highest level, there will be consequences drawn behind closed doors. If there are sudden demotions, retirements, or even arrests for unrelated charges, such personnel actions might be the consequences. The Russian establishment does not like to air out its dirty laundry, and its internal discipline is enforced by means to which the public enforced by means to which the public is rarely privy.”

From Fort Russ:

Nemtsov’s killer was hired by the commander of Dzhokhar Dudaev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev


More updates to follow

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