The Deep State Wants War

July 30, 2014

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In a previous article we asked “Is Obama Being Compromised by His State Department and CIA?”
That referred to the fact that Obama was not informed about the Germans catching one of their operatives spying for the CIA, and that according to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern Obama has stated that he is afraid of ending up “like Martin Luther King”. Clearly there is a cabal of neo-cons embedded in the State Department that have tried to get him to Bomb Syria and Iran. Only patient cooperation with Russia’s Putin has prevented those potential disasters. But with the recent downing of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine, the drumbeats of war are louder than ever. The neo-cons are desperate to pry apart the cooperation between Obama and Putin. Only one problem; the lies that surround the recent airliner shoot-down are one by one being discredited and proven wrong.
Journalist Robert Parry at Consortium News has a source inside the CIA that has said that they have satellite imagery showing soldiers from the Government of Ukraine manning the BUK missile launcher that is believed to have shot the airliner down. (LINK HERE) So far, while the Russians have produced their satellite photos showing that the “Rebels” could not have fired the shot and that the Kiev regime was responsible – the U.S. has floundered with no evidence to support “The Russians did it” storyline.
Over at Global Research, Julie Levesque has an excellent 16-point round-up on the various aircraft shoot-down lies intended to fuel a war with Russia, and slaps them all down. (LINK HERE)

What’s the reason for the big push, with the U.S. State Department getting caught red-handed overthrowing the elected Government in Ukraine and installing a fascist regime? Take a look at this article from CNBC-Yahoo Finance:

This oil giant could get crushed by Ukraine.
By Lawrence Lewitinn
March 6, 2014 6:00 AM

Once known as the “Breadbasket of Russia”, Ukraine is now also Russia’s fuel tank. And, one American company has 10 billion reasons to hope nothing goes wrong.

Ukraine sits on 39 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. That’s about one-quarter the world’s entire proven reserves. One company that has bet big on Ukraine’s natural gas is US-based Chevron.

Back in November 2013, the company signed a 50-year deal with Ukraine’s ousted president Viktor Yanukovich. The deal involved developing the Olesska shale gas field with $350 million to $400 million spent on exploratory drilling. The total investment would then go up to $10 billion. Ukraine’s then-Energy Minster Stavytsky estimated that as much as 353 billion cubic feet of natural gas could be extracted every year. That translates to roughly $1.7 billion in revenues per year on the upper end given current natural gas prices.

More at this link

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2 Responses to The Deep State Wants War

  1. Bob Patterson on July 31, 2014 at 11:55 am

    Doesn’t surprise me. This new energy war is going to be big and only get worse. Here in WY my career counselor wife got to attend tours of a power plant and coal plant and a few other mines. Most of the presentations were pure propaganda. The power plant admitted that coal fire power will be gone in 10 – 15 years. Part due to EPA and part due to the overall push for clean energy. This is a big deal for WY’s economy.

    Due to a few bad “bust” years the state sits on a pile of money in the billions. Rather than plan for the future, try to attract other business/industry, they continue to court the energy industry. The long-term plan is to build up a super fund of cash for the lean years.

    I tend to think it’s the WY mentality. Politicians in office for 4-8 years, they reap the profit (aka bribes from the energy industry) and continue to court the energy industry. I guarantee if we have another bust the fat-cat politicians will just leave the state. In fact, half the population is already transient.

    Gov. Matt “dick-bag” Mead has been trying to broker a deal with Washington State. Since coal is dying in the US he wants to sell it to China. Problem is he needs a rail line to sea harbor. So that’s what he’s spends a lot of time on. Natural gas is also on a boon here.

    Enter Ukraiane, Chevron and special interest groups at the fed gov level. Fat-cat BIG Energy with the ability to pull a lot of federal strings. God help us if the Republicans get back into office. We could see another Iraq war, only in a different country!

  2. Tex on August 10, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Like my old man used to say, “all wars are fought over resources.”

    Whether it is natural resources, human resources, geographic resources or economic resources the motivation is always the same…some rich f*ck, or a group of rich f*cks, (who are almost always white men) wants the resources that another group believes rightfully belong to them.

    Insurgencies that lead to wars are the natural response by the proletariat class to being invaded, conquered and exploited by the rich f*cks who are trying to steal their sh*t!

    Often times these insurgencies are actually orchestrated by the rich f*cks to provide justification for the wars that the rich f*cks want to occur.

    To add fuel to the fire we now have, in this crumbling, post-20th century empire in which we now live, a group of rich f*cks who actually profit from the fighting of wars in what can only be viewed as the penultimate capitalist wet-dream!

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