The Dumbest Person in Congress is Calling it “Quits”

May 29, 2013
Idiot Girl Michele Bachmann

Idiot Girl Michele Bachmann

One of the absolute stupidest people in the U.S. Congress is finally calling it quits.
That’s right, Michele Bachmann – the wild-eyed zombie-crazed Christian freak of nature will not seek another term in Congress.
Proving once again that many people fail upward, Michele-my-belle joins the ranks of Sarah Palin in failed radical right-wing Republitards. The one-time Republican Presidential primary hopeful appeared in a cake-faced video making the announcement, complete with lots of excuses. One such lemming is that she did not want her term to run longer than a Presidential term. Comparing this corn dog chomper to anything Presidential is enough to make you spit up a little vomit.

But what’s really going on?
Mickey B. is being investigated by the FBI!

Rick Unger writes in Forbes:

“One also cannot help but notice that it was just last week that the Minneapolis Star Tribune disclosed that the FBI was now involved in the investigation looking into the Bachmann presidential campaign—focusing on chief-of-staff Andy Parrish and other staffers—and the campaign’s alleged involvement in making secret payments to Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson along with allegations of the illegal use of Bachmann’s leadership PAC funds to pay for her campaign’s political director.

In April of this year, Mr. Parrish issued a sworn affidavit wherein he confirmed that Ms. Bachmann knew and approved of the alleged payments to Senator Sorenson. What’s more, Bachmann’s former national field coordinator, Peter Waldron, filed a complaint stating that the Bachmann campaign supplied money from the Bachmann leadership PAC to give to Sorenson.

It’s not just the FBI who has taken an interest in Bachmann’s activities. The Congresswoman is also being investigated by the Congressional Ethics Committee and the Federal Election Commission for potential violations dating back to her presidential run.”

Start the egg timer, in two minutes she will announce she has been hired by Fox “News”.


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One Response to The Dumbest Person in Congress is Calling it “Quits”

  1. Bob Patterson on May 30, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    I’m sure Faux News will pick her up as a consultant or some dam thing. That is, unless the FBI investigation tanks her.

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