The New “X-Files” And “Alternative 3”

February 7, 2016
Photo credit: The Lone Gunman podcast

Photo credit: The Lone Gunman podcast

The reboot of “The X-Files” has taken quite a new twist, but much of the new theme was forecast in a fake documentary by Anglia TV in the U.K., and later a novel – both by the name “Alternative 3”. First, let’s take a look at the conspiracy theory woven into the premier of the new X-Files. Mulder has been hold up depressed for years, when he and Scully are dragged back into the dark hunt. As you will see in the following clip a conspiracy-minded talk show host provides the script for an elite take-over of the U.S., if not the entire planet:

The scenario above suggests the work of what researcher Richard Dolan calls a “Breakaway Civilization”. This is a concept that is accepted in many circles; that very sophisticated technology (alien or not) was developed after World War 2, primarily with the help of Nazi Rocket scientists. Most readers know that Walter Dornberger went on to run Bell Helicopters and Warner von Braun was one of NASA’S top rocket scientists, but many also ran bio-warfare labs and other black projects. It is quite conceivable that most, if not all of the UFO sightings are that of technology created by man, not “little green men”.
It’s hard to say how the current series will drift; is this more misdirection to make the show more outrageous? Or perhaps this is a “tip of the hat” to the real agenda. One wonders how it ever made it past the CIA’s grip on Hollywood if that is the case.

Let us, however, turn to the British TV show “Alternative 3”. Broadcast in 1977, the show had a response that mirrored the famous “War of The Worlds” radio show that freaked out half the country. Panicked callers flooded Anglia’s studio’s with concerns, even though the show listed the actor’s names at the end and was originally scheduled to be broadcast on April Fools Day (it actually aired months later). Keeping in mind that after WW2 the allies got most of the Nazi scientists, but The Russians got quite a few also. Alternative 3 suggests that there has been a joint Russian-American space project that was working to send astronauts to Mars via bases on the Moon. The reason for this of course, is that the Earth has become hopelessly polluted and has gone beyond the capacity to feed and house the Earth’s population.
As if that weren’t far-out enough, a 1978 novel by the same name takes it a step farther. In this narrative, Alternative 1 was an attempt to blow earth’s heated, polluted atmosphere away from the planet with a series of nuclear explosions, and conduct a massive depopulation of the planet. Alternative 2 was the construction of huge underground bases and facilities for harboring the elite. Many researchers have provided evidence that this is already happening. Alternative 3 therefore, is a plan to leave Earth, head to Mars and probably start the process all over again.
Much like an earlier book, “The Report From Iron Mountain” by Leonard Lewin, people have suggested that the 1978 spoof novel Alternative 3 may have been a thinly veiled hint at some very dark stuff that is actually in the works for all of us. Jim Keith has written an interesting comparison of actual (or reportedly actual) historical events with the fiction of Alternative 3. In “Mind Control And UFO’s: Casebook On Alternative 3” Keith weaves stories of The Fourth Reich, Secret Societies, Secret Space Programs, Depopulation and Mind Control. He stacks this up against the movie and book Alternative 3, making a case that such elite planning is actually underway. Keith’s book is a fun romp, but it would have been nice to follow footnotes to see his actual source material. He does however, provide a suggested reading list that he has built the book around.

It will be interesting to see where this recent X-File series leads us. Perhaps it will tickle out some more plausible conspiracy detailing an intentional crashing of the planet complete with the saucer-bound elite taking over. Or more likely, we will be told Mulder is once again the butt of a misdirection program.
The movie “Alternative 3” is a quirky visit to the late 1970’s, where the clothing is flamboyant, special effects limited, dialogue scripted as a dead chicken, but lots of fun to watch, hope you enjoy it:

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  1. Bob Patterson on February 8, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Much like Mulder, I too have been holed up depressed for years. In fact the episode with the monster where Mulder falls off the wagon and, in my opinion, hallucinates the monster is exactly where I’m headed.

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