The Tree-Huggers Are Right!

December 15, 2012

Measuring electricity in trees

Ever wonder about the phrase “Tree Hugger”?
I believe that it comes from the practice of “Tree meditation”. If you stand next to a large tree in a calm environment and place the palms of your hands about an inch from the trunk, under ideal conditions you can actually feel the energy of the tree.
Now, according to this article, scientists are detecting measurable amounts of electricity in trees:

“Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered nature’s alternative to the power outlet: living trees.

That’s right, living trees. UW engineers Babak Parviz and Brian Otis have invented an electrical device that can be plugged directly into any tree for power. “As far as we know this is the first peer-reviewed paper of someone powering something entirely by sticking electrodes into a tree,” said Parviz.
The research was based upon a breakthrough study last year out of MIT, when scientists found that plants generate a voltage of up to 200 millivolts when one electrode is placed in a plant and the other in the surrounding soil. Those researchers are already designing devices which act as forest sensors powered entirely by this new method. But until now, no one has applied these findings to the development of tree power.”

Now, this “tree energy” has been known for thousands of years by people that use fresh tree branches to dowse or “water witch”. I have been using dowsing rods to find buried water and electrical lines for over ten years. Usually I just take wire and bend a pair of “L” shaped rods and hold them like a pair of pistols. As you pass over a water or electric source they will react like crazy, spinning in your hands. With practice you can get really good at this. I myself have successfully located three well sites; when they were dug, they all produced plenty of water. Historically, this is why you see stage magicians use “magic wands”.
The use of freshly cut tree branches, usually a forked branch held in the hands, also works really well. I had a long talk with a well driller about this when he dug a well at a site I had witched. His explanation is this: everything has an electrical charge in it. Take underground water for example; the water has charged particles in it, and as it flows over minerals in the ground which also have charged particles an electrical exchange can be felt through the metal rods or the living energy of the tree branch.
It’s very likely that primitive man used to be able to feel these sensations without tools like metal rods or tree branches, allowing them to locate water or deposits of ore. Now, our world is blanketed with electric energy, radio and cell phone disturbance that confuses our senses.
Try a little experiment on your own – bend some wire rods and look for your water lines, or simply find a nice big tree and make friends!

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