Ukraine; Night of the Long Knives Again?

March 28, 2014

night of the long knives

Just months after State Department neo-con Victoria Nuland bragged that the U.S. had spent $5 billion to install a favorable government in Ukraine, a bloody purge is about to occur in that country. Two articles from this week set the stage for a repeat of “The Night of the Long Knives”, the murderous infighting between Hitler and Ernst Rohm. A detailed accounting of the June-July 1934 purge can be read in William Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, but for the sake of readable links we will refer to the Wikipedia link Here.
The power struggle between Hitler and Rohm was based around the S.A., the brown shirted street toughs controlled by Rohm. According to the Wiki article, the German hierarchy was fed up with the thuggery of the S.A.:

“Hitler’s appointment as chancellor, followed by the suppression of all political parties except the Nazis, did not end the violence of the stormtroopers. Deprived of Communist party meetings to disrupt, the stormtroopers would sometimes run riot in the streets after a night of drinking. They would attack passers-by, and then attack the police who were called to stop them.[8] Complaints of “overbearing and loutish” behaviour by stormtroopers became common by the middle of 1933. The Foreign Office even complained of instances where brownshirts manhandled foreign diplomats.[9] The stormtroopers’ behaviour disturbed the German middle classes and other conservative elements in society, such as the army.”

Beginning on June 30th 1934, Hitler had Rohm arrested and the purge began. Rohm was shot to death in his prison cell and a minimum of 85 high ranking S.A. members were killed. Other political opponents of the regime were also done away with. Fast forward to present-day Kiev, where the core of the violent protestors were fascists associated with the memory of Stephan Bandera. Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist that ran the OUN-B, which fought with the Nazis against the Russians during the war. These street fighters that provided the muscle that crushed the government are themselves being targeted by the new authorities:

Kiev Authorities Plan to Crack Down on Maidan Radicals – Source

KIEV, March 25 (RIA Novosti) – Ukraine’s interim Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has authorized the detention and questioning of the leaders of radical Right Sector party after receiving threats of retaliation for the killing of one of its notorious activists, a ministry’s source said Tuesday.

The source said on condition of anonymity that Avakov’s order includes a police sweep of Kiev’s Independence Square, known as Maidan, which is still occupied by scores of ultranationalists.

“Investigators from the ministry are already working at some of the tents on Maidan,” the source said, adding that a crackdown on Maidan could start later tonight.

Ukrainian special forces have gunned down ultranationalist Olexander Muzychko, member of Right Sector an active participant in earlier opposition riots in Kiev, who assaulted staff at a state prosecutor’s office in Rovno last month.

Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has also been sought by Russia on suspicion of torturing and murdering at least 20 Russian servicemen in Chechnya in the early 2000s.

Nazis in Ukraine

Nazis in Ukraine


So the purge has begun… and we take a look at the Russo-centric website “Strategic Culture”, which has a lengthy article that describes the history of The Night of The Long Knives, and how it is being replayed in real-time today:

Ukraine. Recalling Night of Long Knives
Olga SHEDROVA | 26.03.2014
(Excerpt from long article)

The 1933-34 events in Germany closely resemble the contemporary situation in Ukraine.

The Pravy Sector militants played the role of stormtroopers in November 2013-February 2014. Right after the coup Yarosh declared his intention to continue the «nationalist revolution». There was a wave of treason accusations against the Kiev junta. A. Belitzky, a Pravy Sector group commander, said, «The government can hardly be called legitimate and it has not much time left. We are growing critical towards it with each passing day». A bit later Maidan militants issued a statement accusing the new «national leaders» of criminal activities. The militants wanted the Narodny Veche (people’s assembly) to call a constituent congress representing the Euromaidan, paramilitary organizations, territorial assemblies and mayors of large Ukrainian cities. The power of parliament was to be vested in the congress which would appoint an interim government, start the process of preparing a new constitution and legislature and create conditions for complete reform of state power leading to enhanced authority of local administrations and the formation of local self-defense units. Otherwise the junta leaders would face a people’s tribunal».

Like the German stormtroopers headed by Ernst Röhm, Ukrainian militants want to acquire control over state power structures and the armed forces. They want Pravy Sector troopers to get access to military warehouses, as well as a chance to use military installations for combat training. Like in Germany it sparks a conflict with regular military that flatly refuse the idea of granting Pravy Sector formations the status of regular armed forces units.

Actually the Kiev junta acts the same way as Hitler did preparing for his purge against the Rohm’s stormtroopers. On the one hand, the Yarosh-led formations quell protest in Novorossiya (literally New Russia, a historical term denoting an area north of the Black Sea which was conquered by the Russian Empire at the end of the 18th century) and crash on political opponents making it impossible for the weak regime to refuse cooperation. On the other hand, the government wants to put the Maidan militants under its control. One of the Yatsenyuk deputies said that H-hour is near when Maidan and national TV will announce that the Pravy Sector formations are illegal and the militants will be detained to face justice.

The police and security service have ordered to give in all weapons and the parliament has taken a decision to form a National Guard to include all Maidan self-defense units. But the militants refused to comply. According to Yarosh, the Pravy Sector formations number about 10 thousand people across the country and nobody has joined the National Guard as yet. To make the Ukrainian scenario fully repeat the events in Germany, Pravy Sector is to suggest that the regular armed forces, police and special services join its ranks. I believe the offer is to be announced soon.

The March 13 law on the National Guard states that the new formation is responsible for maintaining law and order during mass public actions, the protection of government agencies and officials, putting down armed unrests and responding to provocations on state border, fighting illegal armed groups and quelling any attempts to stage coups. It means the National Guard is to fulfil the functions of regular military and law enforcement agencies. It has its own army units and aviation what makes it «a state within a state». Being under direct control of Turchinov (Timoshenko) makes it stand above other power structures.

The German SS started as a Führer’s personal guard unit. Later it got separated from SA to become an independent structure under Hitler and Himmler. Like in Ukraine now, the Hitler’s SS had its own troops and police units. It saw its first combat action on the Night of Long Knives dealing with its former brothers-in-arms. The National Guard’s functions make inevitable a clash with Maidan self-defense groups and Pravy sector formations. SA troopers were offered a chance to join SS, the same way the Maidan militants are called to fill the ranks of National Guard. When the time for reckoning comes, it’ll be too late.

* * *

Ukraine is at the initial stage of standoff between «formal» structures and the formations of self-confident stormtroopers. Perhaps Yarosh will succeed in staging a coup, something Röhm failed to do. In its turn, the junta will take advantage of contradictions within the Nazi ranks to cement its positions and bring a new «Führer» to power.

One of Ukraine’s political scholars said that Timoshenko ordered Turchinov to «clean Maidan from garbage». The candidate for the «Führer’s» position is back, she is in Kiev now. The garbage is still there but the preparations for cleaning are underway. Foreign sponsors want it to be clean too. France said it wants paramilitary groups disarmed before it delivers financial aid. The Czech President says ditto, he believes getting rid of fascists would be a right thing for the Ukraine’s leaders to do.

The further scenario is almost predetermined, whoever wins the internal strife, its common Ukrainians who will suffer. Those days in Germany an average citizen was doomed to suffer no matter if it was Hitler or Röhm who grabbed the power. Only the repetition of 1945 can save the country.

Now we have the newly installed fascist government in Ukraine going to war with it’s own Stormtroopers. If the author is correct, Nationalist Yulia Timoshenko is ready to step in as the new “Fuhrer”.

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