When The Trucks Stop Running

July 13, 2015

Truck supplies

Here’s something to think about; What the hell are you going to do if there is a major disruption in our supply line? For the last thirty years I have lived on farms, and with the use of the internet and online shopping, nothing is out of reach anymore. Need work boots? No problem. Same for media (books, video, information) or even tools and food supplements. We don’t have to have a nuclear war or disease pandemic to bring this on, just look at Hurricane Katrina. On the west coast we are counting the days til we have a major earthquake. The east coast has hurricanes, the midwest and south have tornadoes. In the very, very rural area I live in we will be at the far side of the supply line, but we are actually better prepared for long-term disruption. I have a farming background and plenty of garden space. My neighbors have sheep and cattle, and we are all on wells. I plan to buy one of those old hand pumps that fits on the well head, and we are well set up for hunting and fishing. The one hitch is medicine and serious medical needs for the very young and elderly. As my family and neighbors age around me this problem becomes more evident. We do have several local clinics but serious health issues require a trip out of the sticks. None-the-less, we are set up pretty good. James Howard Kunstler has a great blog and occasional podcasts that touch on these issues, and has written a series of fiction books describing the devolution of society and the best possible scenarios that may arise from the ashes. Check his stuff out at this link:  http://kunstler.com/


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  1. Tex Renegade on July 21, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    Read Kunstler’s book, The Long Emergency…it will scare the hell out of you!

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