Review: “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional?”

January 25, 2015

emerging viruses

The fascinating research by Dr. Leonard Horowitz in “Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional” is undoubtedly ahead of its time. First published in 1996, Horowitz peels back the layers of a viral onion, revealing deception in the biological research community as well as high government malfeasance. While AIDS is often viewed as a historical illness that may now be somewhat under control, Ebola has been in the news daily for several years. As with AIDS, health precautions and advanced medicine may stem the tide of Ebola in the first world, but nobody quite knows what would truly happen if Ebola or one of its variants reached pandemic status. Especially if such a disease has been weaponized. Dr. Horowitz has created nearly 550 pages of the most heavily footnoted material I have read in quite some time. Through first-hand research in medical libraries and interviews combined with his medical knowledge Horowitz pieces together a scenario that may indicate biological warfare and depopulation programs not designed just for overt warfare, but for a “thinning of the herd”. On page 24 he quotes from “Lancet”:
“The whole field of biological warfare bristles with difficulties. Organisms for biological warfare can be produced quickly, cheaply and easily; many are required in ordinary and perfectly legitimate ways for production of vaccines; clandestine research could easily be conducted; storage is scarcely necessary, for chemical plants and even breweries could be quickly switched to producing harmful microorganisms in enormous quantities; and delivery systems are multiple…”
And the World Health Organization wrote in a 1970 report:
“Thus it is possible that biological agents may be used tactically, rather than strategically, to achieve the simultaneous infection of key groups of people, and the military consequences might well be of major importance.”
Horowitz writes the book somewhat like a “who done-it”, interjecting his concerns and everyday family life – making a difficult subject a surprisingly enjoyable read. His study more or less begins trying to understand the true origins of the AIDS virus, the beginning of our rabbit hole. Many passages focus on Dr. Robert Gallo, who is credited with discovering the AIDS virus in 1984. That was disputed by a French research team, in what seems to have been a cross-contamination of lab material. You see, under international pressure, President Nixon had to mask U.S. biowarfare research and drive it into the dark corners of covert labs. The Army biowarfare labs at Ft Detrick Maryland were renamed as “The National Cancer Institute” as part of Nixon’s “war on cancer”. Not much changed except that Dr. Robert Gallo moved his viral cancer research team into the Army biowarfare lab and that’s where the work on viral transmissible cancer began. Horowitz writes:
“The NCI was the WHO’s chief virus distributor and they took over ft. Detrick. And Gallo was their top retrovirologist, that is, immune-system-destroying germ expert.” (page 51)
Horowitz re-introduces us to defense contractor Litton Industries while addressing the contention that AIDS started in monkeys:
“Gallo and company, including frequent co-author Robert Ting from Litton Bionetics, reported modifying simian monkey viruses by infusing them with cat leukemia RNA to make them cause cancers as seen in people with AIDS.” (page 70)
In a lengthy interview with Dr. Robert Strecker, they discuss the so called “Patient zero” theory about one man spreading the AIDS virus across the country, Strecker suggests the actual delivery system was an experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trial test:
“In addition, it doesn’t make any sense if you look at the time frame. Aids broke out in ’78 in Manhattan and then in ’80 in San Francisco. It didn’t break out in Montreal in ’79, or in Toronto, in Quebec, or in Ontario in ’80, whatever. It broke out in selected cities in the United States in a select time frame which corresponds exactly to the hepatitis B study.” (page 95)
Now we are getting into the meat of Horowitz’s research. Why did it appear first in gay men and why is it compared to naturally occurring monkey viruses? He writes on page 118:
“… Gallo had taken monkey viruses, extracted their humanly benign DNA, infused their empty viral shells with cat leukemia/sarcoma RNA, and then cultured the genetically engineered mutants in human WBC’s to allow them to cross species barrier.” He refers later to the theory that : “…live poliovirus vaccine lots dispensed in Zaire in 1957 to 1960 and prepared on African green monkey kidney cell cultures could have been inadvertently infected with a monkey lentivirus hypothesized to represent the ancestor of HIV-1.”…”The same might be said for the hepatitis B vaccine lots used on New York’s gay men I realized.”
From here on out, our rabbit hole goes deeper. Horowitz examines how minority populations were historically used as guinea pigs in medical studies. The CIA conducted experiments on unwitting populations, including spraying whole cities with bacteria, giving birth control pills to native populations without informing them of what they were, and begging the question what the hell else have they been working on. Our rabbit hole proceeds into the realm of Nazi scientists and the origins of U.S. intelligence, the Rockefeller-Kissinger plans to depopulate various regions, and the likely origins of Ebola and its sister the Marburg virus.
“Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola” will give you a whole new view on these modern diseases, as well as how vaccines are produced and why they may cause unintended side effects. The footnotes at the back of the book are extremely detailed and one could spend hours just reading through them. Horowitz has also earned his stripes with first-hand research that takes a medical mind in obscure medical libraries to uncover. It would be interesting to see what additional chapters he would add in a revised edition now that nineteen years have gone by and Ebola is in the news daily.
His work has encouraged me to look further into this topic with the books “Biowarfare and Terrorism” by Francis Boyle, and “The 2001 Anthrax Deception” by Graeme Macqueen.
“Emerging Viruses” can be found at Dr. Horowitz’s website

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  1. Bob patterson on January 26, 2015 at 12:49 am

    You need to Google Plum Island…

    • DR on January 26, 2015 at 4:18 am

      I have a book on Plum Island, Lab 257 I believe, reviews of the above books to follow.

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