More Evil Than Kissinger? How About Brzezinski?

July 20, 2014


When political researchers think about one of the original “Dr. Evil” role models, Henry Kissinger comes to mind. An unrepentant architect of international meddling, horror and human suffering, Kissinger proves that in a cesspool the big turds rise to the top.
However, right now I’m plowing through Professor Peter Dale Scott’s “Road To 911”, perhaps the best groundwork on the origins of the 911 attack I have read yet. What really amazed me was the stark differences between Nixon and Kissinger – and the Neo-Cons that were soon to take over. These included Zbigniew Brzezinski (Z-Big) in President Carter’s Democratic administration, as well as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney who got their start in Ford’s clean-up after Watergate.
As Professor Scott details, after Watergate there was confusion and dissent within the Republican Party, which was now distrusted by Congress:

“In Kissingers words the new Congress “was violently opposed to intervention abroad…(,) ever suspicious of the CIA, deeply hostile to covert operations, and distrustful of the veracity of the executive branch” (P. 51)

Kissinger had secretly gone to negotiate with China, worked on the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II), and negotiated The Helsinki Accords, which proposed to ratify and regularize the borders of Eastern Europe. Scott writes:

“Both Kissinger the German and Brzezinski the Pole were self-defined realists and as such were attacked in the 1980’s by Staussian neocons around Reagan…” (P. 55)

The Carter administration marked a shift in what Scott calls “The overworld”, a controlling factor in the deep state. David Rockefeller created the Trilateral Commission, a think tank headed by Brzezinski and Carter was hand-picked by Rockefeller to be President. This was done to bolster the old Wall Street cabal in what Scott describes as “the international traders vs. the prussians”:

“This influential challenge of traders to U.S. militarism and unilateralism was opposed, not for the first time, by an overworld faction of Prussians, far more militant and better funded, who maintained that America’s top priority was not international trade and investment, but military superiority over The Soviet Union.” (P.56)

At this time, it appears Brzezinski begins to undermine some of Carter’s efforts at peace, and hatched a plan to draw the Soviets into a Vietnam-like scenario in Afghanistan:

“There was this idea that the Islamic forces could be used against The Soviet Union. The theory was, there was an arc of crisis, and so an arc of Islam could be mobilized to contain the Soviets. It was Brezezinski’s concept, Soon both the fall of the Shah and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were interpreted by Brzezinski – paranoically rather than accurately – as proof of Soviet expansiveness and designs on the region.” (P. 66)

Soon the world would see the Iranian hostage crisis, the failed rescue attempt by Carter (which was sabotaged), and the “October Surprise” by the Republicans to secretly have the American hostages held until Reagan was elected. This was a clear act of treason, and the start of the Iran-Contra affair.

Brzezinski’s dealing with Islamic extremists led to the opening of massive drug trafficking routes which helped fund covert operations, which would later expand into the Bosnian war between Croatia and Serbia. The U.S. backed Croatia, who had been allied with Nazi Germany in WW2. The same U.S. trained fighters from Islamic Afghanistan were brought into Bosnia to fight the Serbs, and that is where we see the creation of Al Qaeda. Fast forward to 911.

I will have a much more detailed review of Professor Scott’s “The Road To 911; Wealth, Empire and the Future of America” very soon, I highly recommend it as a primary resource.

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  1. Tex on August 10, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Excellent piece, DoJo Rat!

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