Two Reviews: The End Of The World As We Know It

March 31, 2023

Two Reviews; The End Of The World As We Know It

Reading these two books was quite a learning experience. First, Graham Hancock’s latest: “America Before – The Key To Earth’s Lost Civilization”, followed by Robert M. Schoch, PhD “Forgotten Civilization – New Discoveries On The Solar-Induced Dark Age”.

Here is my initial take on Hancock’s book:

Well, I have listened to Graham Hancock and Russell Carlson on Rogan’s show in the past, I skimmed a copy of Hancock’s “Fingerprints Of The Gods”, but I read deeply Hancock’s book “America Before – The Key To Earth’s Lost Civilization.”
I dutifully annotated the pages and bookmarked them. There is a lot there to consider. For these reasons, I consider myself a slow reader.

But Hancock, who is receiving major flack from other mainstream scientists, has cracked the code – in my opinion.

Hancock (backed by other science) suggests that a comet broke up during the Ice Age, some 12,000 years ago and hit the ice sheet.
He suggests, with evidence, that it immediately melted the North American ice sheet and created both a firestorm and a flood. These floods are recorded in oral histories and even written records from the past.

Hancock also suggests that after several thousand years of an extended dusty ice age, an advanced civilization traveled the world to see who was left, bring knowledge, and transmit survival techniques.
He provides solid evidence that there was indeed an advanced civilization that seeded the world with a culture – from ancient Egypt to the ancient Americas and pre-positioned survivors among hunter-gatherer groups, in hopes that they could revisit them and supply them with knowledge.

This, of course, supposes that the early, knowledgeable group had a plan, and it seems they did.

Hancock suggests, with evidence, that the previous society, (which has been nearly confirmed by Robert Schoch and others) shared culture with the entire world, mapped the Ice Age oceans, and set their plan in motion.

They knew that the comet was coming soon. Celestial markings show that.
I may have further knowledge to pursue later about this. But for now:

Hancock suggests an advanced seafaring society populated scholars among hunter-gatherer civilizations.
They shared similar orientation of the Pyramids in ancient Egypt as well as the Mound cultures in the ancient Americas (including and perhaps more importantly South America) with celestial events. Very clearly this is reported to be true.

Hancock cites many, many other studies that support his position.
To be fair, I suggest that Robert Schoch, an expert on Egyptology, suggests that it was not a comet that broke apart and hit the earth, it was huge solar flare that did the damage. Either way, the Earth was nearly destroyed.

So by contrast, Schoch in “Forgotten Civilization” provides world-wide evidence of massive solar flares from the Sun, in the form of Gamma rays and Plasma rained fire down on the Earth, pounding it and forcing humans underground. Schoch suggests there was a “Dark Age” that lasted some 6,000 years.

Schoch’s accounts, where he compares remote places such as Easter Island with ancient structures in Egypt, like the Sphinx, which he claims is much older than estimated and contains a “Hall of Records” hidden in the paw.

Schoch provides studies of scientific evidence that the catastrophe that ended the Ice Age and began thousands of years of dark age (huge solar plasma discharges) essentially would wreck the Earth as bad as a comet strike.

Both authors get pretty esoteric at times, perhaps Schoch even more than Hancock. The assumption is that much of the massive construction and ancient astrology may have involved lost technology, perhaps involving sound waves or even para-psychycological techniques, such as telepathy and psychokinesis.

All good food for thought. Both men could be correct. We do know the Earth has suffered many, many forces of destruction. Most of the revealed information is the result of recent, modern discoveries, and stuff keeps coming.

After reading both books together, I believe I have a pretty good concept of what may have happened in ancient times, and indeed what could happen again in the future. Both Hancock and Schoch predict that the Earth is due for another big disaster, one that simply can not be stopped.

-John Titus

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