Ray Crowe: Bigfoot Behavior

November 18, 2022

While taking another break from reading dystopian books on the state-of-the-world, I picked up my copy of “Bigfoot Behavior”, by Ray Crowe.

Let me begin by saying that I met Mr. Crowe and spoke with him many times. I bought armloads of books at his tiny used book store in the St. John’s neighborhood on the outskirts of Portland Oregon.

I had read the signage that Ray was the director of “The Western Bigfoot Society”, and even spoke to Mr. Crowe about a fireside screaming event my friend and I experienced near Coos Bay, Oregon.
Crow got very excited, dug out some maps, and my description lies somewhere in his archives of “The Track Record”.

At the time, I was diving deep into Portland politics and writing for The Portland Free Press. If I had the knowledge I have now, I would have gone to some of the “WBS” meetings, and bumped into some legends in Sasquatch research. Alas, my life took other turns and I ended up on an island near the Canadian border.
But back to Ray’s book, “Bigfoot Behavior”.

I would suggest this is primarily a book for Pacific Northwest Sasquatch enthusiasts, who will recognize many places and names, however the book will be of real interest to field researchers.
Be prepared for a few spelling errors as the book could have used a final edit, but Crowe’s friend Rhettman Alexander did a fine job producing this memorial edition after the passing of Mr. Crowe and his wife Theata.

The book is composed of short descriptions of Bigfoot behavior, both historical as well as first-hand witnesses. These descriptions and encounters are grouped together in categories such as:

*Hanging Kills

And elements of the strange such as:
*Feral Humans

Ray Crowe was one of those people that kind of worked behind the scenes to document everything he could find regarding Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.
While reading these topics he has collected, we are reminded in nearly every chapter to “Keep your Skepticals on”

Crowe and Rhettman’s “Bigfoot Behavior” has tons of drawings and photos, including those of very famous early researchers, some who have passed away.

“Bigfoot Behavior” belongs on the shelf of everybody that has an interest in Bigfoot/Sasquatch studies,

-John Titus

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