Review: Pandora’s Gamble, By Alison Young

August 6, 2023

Review: Pandora’s Gamble
Where do I begin with this startling and disturbing book?
First, the author, Alison Young, worked as a reporter for USA Today, the Detroit Free Press, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and has won numerous awards for her investigative reporting.
“Pandora’s Gamble” is subtitled “Lab Leaks, Pandemics, And A World At Risk”. Much of Young’s reporting for the above mentioned news outlets has been expanded on in this book, reporting which predated the Covid outbreak.

I believe Young successfully demonstrates just how unregulated and risky various “health” experiments actually are. Such experiments have clearly resulted in “accidental” lab leaks that occurred through human error and malfunctioning equipment.
These include needle sticks, mouse bites, and overflowing decontamination systems, such as at Ft. Detrick, Maryland. Special attention is paid to “Gain of Function” research, which function to make a disease more deadly. It goes without saying that such research is labeled “Dual Purpose”, meaning such technology can be used for bio-warfare as well as disease prevention.

This book is very impressive in the way that it walks us carefully through various lab leaks and industrial accidents that have contributed to making people ill, potentially the entire planet.

Several chapters focus on the team surrounding Dr. Anthony Fauci, and their initial dismay that what appeared to be a pandemic caused by a possible lab release or leak, rather than a natural origin in animals sold for meat at a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. This scenario, being held closely by U.S. Intelligence agencies, would allow the U.S. to go after China – when the technology was actually created by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and transferred to the labs at Wuhan after a moratorium on “Gain of Function” research by the Obama Administration. Nobody knows where else such dangerous pathogens are held.
In my opinion, such state-to-state blackmail is also represented in the U.S. intelligence that the Saudi government paid the 9/11 hijackers. It’s like a free ticket to go to war using 9/11 intel or Covid intel to chase after the Saudi’s and China, but that’s for another book.

“Pandora’s Gamble” is extremely well researched and duly footnoted, referring to both Young’s previous reporting as well as other valuable sources.

In this time of Pandemics – which other authors believe will usher in a new form of social control – the population needs to be educated about just how unregulated and dangerous experiments are going on around us. We are paying the price for such research in every respect.
I highly recommend this excellent example of investigative journalism.

– John Titus

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