Why I Have Stopped Reading “End Of The World” Books

December 30, 2023

Why I Am Not Reading “End of the World” Books Anymore

I have come to somewhat of a decision, at least for now. I have chosen not to read more “How the world ends” stuff anymore (at least for a while).
Here is what I mean; I believe the scenarios as presented, and if they come true, it’s “Game Over”.

For instance, Graham Hancock and his friend Randall Carlson suggest that around 11,000 years ago a comet broke up and hit Earth in repeated strikes, wiping out a huge portion of the planet for generations. Hancock believes that an advanced population survived somehow, and sent emissaries around the world to re-establish society. Hence, the similarities in megalithic building techniques, such as pyramid structures everywhere. Hancock goes further, and draws parallels between primitive religions in the southeastern states, and those of ancient Egypt and other places. Evidence exists in pottery, glyphs carved in rock, etc.
Hancock presents said evidence in books such as “America Before”, and others.
I tend to believe him.

Then there is Robert Schoch. Schoch believes the immense destruction to the planet was caused by a huge “coronal mass ejection” from our sun. It appears to have burned up much of the planet, sending a fledgling human population back to the stone age. Schoch also provides evidence that there are huge flood markers on structures such as the Great Spinx that appear to show that the great floods of Biblical times really happened, but not for the esoteric “God” reasons put forward. All surviving cultures have a “Flood” story.
We know that plasma ejections from our Sun have hit the Earth before, during “The Great Carrington Event” in 1859, for example. In Schoch’s example, the Earth is destroyed at least as bad as if it was hit by Asteroids, as in Hancock’s example. Schoch’s example is apparently the event that devastated parts of the Earth in the book and movie “The Road” (Cormac McCarthy), which brought on cannibalism and other devastation.
I tend to believe him.

Then there is the work of Chan Thomas and Charles Hapgood, who provide evidence that there are frequent (geologically speaking) pole shifts that can lead to massive Earth-crust displacement. In a frighteningly short time, the entire earth’s crust shifts and there is a new polar region, the old one migrates rapidly toward the equator. This is the horrifying scenario portrayed Hollywood-style in the movie “2012”.
Chan Thomas’s work was allegedly censored by the CIA, which allegedly removed parts about ancient survivors and who-knows-what. I have even read theories that suggest the repeated sightings of UFO/UAP advanced flight vehicles are an advanced civilization checking up on us. Could be, seems as likely (or more likely) than extraterrestrials.
I tend to believe them.

What probably happened was a combination of all of the above, at different times. I believe that even the Hopi Indians say during one of these cataclysms “the ant people” came up from deep in the earth and took them down to survive.
I tend to believe them.

I think all of these scenarios happened at one time or another. One thing is for certain, the massive gorges and mountain ranges were not created over many centuries, more likely very quickly. If this is true, it is simply “Game Over” for our civilization.
Additionally, while I believe man is causing a lot of our global climate change issues, I have also really begun to believe in the affects of “Space Weather”, which we have absolutely no control over.

-John Titus

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