New York Times Admits There Is A Secret Government

September 26, 2015


Well, well, well… The New York Times has tread where few mainstream news rags have gone. They have printed a letter in their editorial section that comes right out and says the United States is run by a secret government. Here’s the link:

Examining Who Runs the United States

A former C.I.A. officer with experience in Turkey wrote a provocative essay this summer about the “deep state.” The phrase refers to a parallel “secret government” embedded in the military and intelligence services, whose purpose is to provide a check on electoral democracy.
But Turkey wasn’t the target of the essay, written by Philip Giraldi. He was aiming, as his headline declared, at “Deep State America.”
Mr. Giraldi, executive director of the Council for the National Interest, a foreign-policy advocacy group in Washington, called the American deep state of today an “unelected, unappointed, and unaccountable presence within the system that actually manages what is taking place behind the scenes.”
In contrast to Turkey, where Mr. Giraldi said a covert “deep state” had taken root in the security realm, the American deep state of his description consists of visible people like the Clintons and the former C.I.A. director David H. Petraeus, concentrated around New York and Washington, who live at the fertile nexus of government and corporate power: Capitol Hill aides and legislators who cash in as lobbyists; former politicians who earn millions speaking to banks, or landing sinecures with them; technocrats who ricochet between Goldman Sachs and the Treasury Department; billionaire kingmakers dangling political donations; thinkers whose tanks are financed by corporations with a financial stake in their research.
Now if this sounds like the rant of a lefty conspiracy theorist, consider the article’s home: a magazine called The American Conservative, a contrarian thorn in the side of the establishment right.
The “deep state” metaphor seems to be ascendant as a way to explain present American realities. The writer Peter Dale Scott, professor emeritus of English at the University of California, Berkeley, last year published a similarly minded book called“The American Deep State,” which emphasized the role of security contractors, oil companies and financial firms. Meanwhile, Mike Lofgren, a Republican who spent 28 years as a congressional aide before quitting in 2011, has used “deep state” to describe a subterranean cross-party consensus on issues like “financialization, outsourcing, privatization” — a consensus, Mr. Lofgren has written, from which the public is distracted by above-ground debates over “diversionary social issues such as abortion or gay marriage.”
It is possible, and perhaps wise, to dismiss the “deep state” idea as misguided. Theories about shadowy forces are always to be taken with much salt.
Yet, as America witnesses the dual political phenomena of Donald Trump on the right and Senator Bernie Sanders on the left, and now the very public efforts by the establishment to step in and hinder either from going too far, the deep-state idea has renewed currency.
“Talk in G.O.P. Turns to a Stop Donald Trump Campaign,” read the headline in this newspaper this month. It described Republican donors uneasy with the billionaire businessman’s unorthodox, even antibusiness views on issues like trade and the taxation of financial elites. Operatives apparently felt no embarrassment in publicly declaring a consensus among party elites that “something must be done to stop” Mr. Trump, in what is supposed to be a democratic primary process.
Then came the Democratic Party companion piece, a report that its leaders, fearing the insurgency of Mr. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, are developing “Plan Bs” to draft into the race should Hillary Rodham Clinton falter. All the Plan Bs mentioned are white, male, graybeard Democrats who have run for president before and are far safer to corporate donors than Mr. Sanders.
Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have tapped into swelling populist sentiment in American life today — the former because he is a billionaire who boasts of independence from the corrupting sway of billionaires, the latter because he seeks to sharply reduce inequality.
That both men have surged in tandem this election season, against the predictions of most, is telling. What will be more telling still is how far — or “deep” — supposedly open and democratic political parties are willing to go to provide a check on democracy.
Unfortunately, perhaps due to constraint on the length of letters submitted, the author doesn’t go into the really deep end of “The Deep State”.

Think about it; there is a virtually unlimited black budget that our country’s covert operations are financed with, including drug trafficking and mob-like skimming operations. Former CIA director and Dr. Evil character Richard Helms famously said the administration in power will soon be gone, but the CIA will still be there. Our presidential elections are a complete sham. When all the Humpty-Dumpty’s have fallen off the wall, there will still be a Clinton and a Bush clawing for power – and this time Bush will get an eight-year term. Citizens United, the Supreme Court’s decision that allows unlimited money into the election process has guaranteed that. Wall Street, defense and energy corporations (which are now international cartels) choose who will be the figurehead and chief used car salesman for the United States. Political independence died with President Kennedy in Dallas 1963.

In Peter Dale Scott’s excellent book “The Road To 9/11 – Wealth, Empire and the Future of America” there is a detailed study of “continuity of government” planning (COG). This entity was formed to establish order in the event of an attack or disaster that disabled the constitutional government. Scott writes:

“As we shall see, the history of COG planning, which originated in the 1950’s, assumed its current shape in response to the mobilization of U.S. Army intelligence and CIA against left-wing Americans during the civil disorder of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The reactive planning under Presidents Johnson and Nixon became increasingly proactive in the 1980’s administration of Ronald Reagan. Under him the COG project was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operating under the White House National Program Office (NPO), a group so supersecret it was not publicly named until a 1991 CNN story”.

Weaving the COG into FEMA resulted in George W. Bush’s failure to respond properly during Hurricane Katrina. The Reagan team had shifted the focus of the agency from disaster relief to one of civilian control. This was exposed during the testimony of Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearings. In fact, both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have steered the COG since they meddled in the Ford administration, including the many years they did not hold public office. Peter Dale Scott claims that the COG went into effect during the Kennedy assassination and reached its current apex during the 9/11 attacks.
At this time, there is no evidence that the 9/11 state of emergency has ever been lifted. We live in “a spectator democracy”, an oligarchy that presents us with two puppets, each with Wall Street’s hand up their ass.

More information:

The FEMA plan:

The Trilateral Commission:

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