Review: “States Of Emergency”

July 5, 2022

There is some surprisingly good analysis appearing that goes a long way to explaining just how we ended up in this global meltdown, and from several sources I am reading, it appears to be on purpose.

One such resource is the new book “States Of Emergency” by a Dutch professor named Kees Van Der Pijl. This book appears to be his fourth, and it’s a knockout punch.

The thesis in the book is that – especially since the financial crash of 2008 – the world’s population has
become restless and revolutionary. This is clearly reflected in the Tea Party and Occupy movements, clear up to the streetfights of the “Black Lives Matter” protests and January 6th “Insurrection” events.
And let’s not forget the huge “Yellow Vest” protests in Europe, and disturbances in Asia.

The book was largely written before the current war in Ukraine, and mainly details the use of the Covid crisis as a control factor in the intentional demolition of the global system, socially and economically. Both Covid and the war in Ukraine are clearly global information operations with as yet unseen goals.

Mind you, it really doesn’t matter to this thesis if the Covid virus was laboratory created (It appears to have been) because the system in power would have used a natural outbreak in much the same way.

In “States Of Emergency”. Van Der Pijl builds a strong case that the Covid panic is being used to cow the public (world-wide) away from revolutionary movements into a scenario where the public will willingly submit to tracking by state authorities, remain in “lock-down” at times, and become suspicious of others. Eventually, such tracking procedures will become a permanent system of control.

As stated, this author’s focus is mainly on global societal breakdown, the response to Covid, and the economic financialization and commodification which has failed the general population while enriching the elite investor class, which always protects itself.

Sample chapters include:

1. The Covid Crisis as a State of Siege
2. Can the World Population Still Be Kept Under Control?
3. Restructuring the Ruling Class in the IT Revolution
4. The Virus Scenario as the Basis for a Seizure of Power
5. Biological Warfare With or Against China?
6. The “Pandemic” as Disaster Capitalism
7. Radical Democracy and Digital Planning

Chapter 7 above was the only one that, for me at least, was a little difficult to grasp. This is mainly because Professor Van Der Pijl suggests that the same technology that is enslaving us can be used in a more constructive way – to actually promote the welfare of the population.
That notion, after it sinks in, may be somewhat true, mainly because the technology is certainly not going away.

Selected quotes:

“Capitalism can no longer engender a rational class compromise and instead has begun to rule through worst case scenarios.”

“, according to a Pentagon report, we have entered a period of permanent conflict,..”

“Liberal capitalism, then, is always protected by a state of emergency kept in reserve; otherwise, there is no reason for a strong state imposing itself on society”

“Under the Covid state of emergency, a biopolitical program is carried out, viz., a political project that wants to connect the population directly, possibly even physically, to IT networks”

“The proponents of a general lockdown per the European model, that is, creating panic followed by harsh measures..”

And so much more.
Van Der Pijl makes a convincing argument for his thesis with significant history as well as possible solutions. The book spans several centuries in nearly 300 pages, with hundreds and hundreds of end notes for verification and further research.

In all, “States Of Emergency” does a very, very good job of framing how the Covid crisis is being disingenuously used as a blunt-force tool that is leading the world into a modern slave-state.
Highly recommended.

-John Titus
Covert Book Report

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One Response to Review: “States Of Emergency”

  1. Fayez Abedaziz on September 21, 2022 at 10:51 pm

    Well, with U.S. constantly threatening and invading/bambing nations,we have continuing fear and problems for the world’s poor areas and most rulers/politicians don’t give a damn about those that get hurt. The bullies/war criminals of the U.S. and NATO are fine with any disaster or situation such as the lab made Pandemic thing.

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