Review: “The Longevity Solution”

September 29, 2019

Years ago I went with a family member to see their heart surgeon. He told us that “Everything they taught him in medical school about diet was wrong”. Now we have further proof, in a recent book called “The Longevity Solution – Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life”.

This book, written by Dr. James Dinicolantonio and Dr. Jason Fung takes complex body chemistry and puts it in simple, readable terms. It clearly breaks new ground about diet and intermittent fasting. It also reverses long-held beliefs about animal fat (saturated fat), salt, butter and other bugaboos that are actually important for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

And while the reader may not want to hear this, “calorie restriction with adequate nutrition is perhaps the most effective antiaging intervention currently known”.
Now, many of us have considered the misery of dieting, cutting out certain foods and have trouble facing this challenge. That has all changed with the practice of “intermittent fasting”.

I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting for over a year and my last doctor check-up was remarkable. All my vital numbers went way down, and I told the doctor it was due to intermittent fasting. I lost 20 pounds without even trying, and by following the suggestions in “The Longevity Solution”, I adjusted my diet to include more “healthy fats”.

What this means, is I don’t eat after 8:00 at night and have my first meal at about 1:00 pm the next day. Typically lunch will consist of lean meat (chicken usually), hard-boiled egg, walnuts and raw vegetables. I quit bread almost entirely but I still have my after-work Beer and wine with dinner.
The authors show us that butter, avocados, nuts and seeds as well as natural animal fats are healthy and necessary in our diet, along with salt.

The authors introduce us to the concept of “autophagy”, the process of cell replenishment which they compare to changing the oil in a car. During fasting, the body seeks nourishment by searching the body for fats to burn, as well as this turnover of used up cellular components. By cutting out simple carbohydrates we teach the body to seek out fat for fuel. I noticed that by cutting out bread, I developed cravings for things like cauliflower and carrots (organic when possible).

Here is an example of the food pyramid recommended by the authors:

Sample chapters include:

*Dietary Protein
*Green Tea
*Red Wine and Coffee
*Eat More Salt and Magnesium
*Healthy and Unhealthy Fats

This important book has led me into a better state of health without the strain of calorie counting, and since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I never eat desserts and avoid chips etc.

To be honest, I welcome a little bit of fasting hunger in the morning, and rather than be bogged down with a big breakfast I seem to swing into gear quicker. Despite being ready to eat by 12:30-1:00, I am now feeling like I could cut back to one meal a day without too much trouble. From there, I may consider trying a three-day fast, but not right away.

Don’t fear the thought of going hungry. Hunger is part of the human condition, necessary for health, and we just get used to it. Remember, the fast allows tea, coffee, and bone broth if desired.

“The Longevity Solution” was a real inspiration to me, and I feel the tips learned in this book will be easy to stick with, as they are completely sensible and I really didn’t have to give up much.

If you are looking for a simple plan for better health through these revised nutrition guides, you will start seeing impressive results quickly. Get a copy of “The Longevity Solution”.

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