The Oklahoma City Bombing 20 Years Later – What Really Happened?

April 19, 2015
The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror - by David Hoffman

The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror – by David Hoffman

Sunday April 19th is the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 168 people lost their lives, including a number of children in a day-care center for children of employees. As reported, no agents of The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency were in the building, although two agents claimed they had been in the building and escaped. Eyewitnesses said ATF agents on the scene after the explosion explained that they had been told not to come to work on their pagers. What is clear, even from government documents and employees is that there was forewarning of the attack on the building and nobody did anything to stop it. Much like the string of recent arrests of radicalized Islamic sympathizers, the OKC bombing is one in a series of set-ups by undercover agents that either went terribly wrong or was intended to be an incident that would allow the federal government to increase its police state efforts.
One of the most thorough books on the subject is “The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror”, by David Hoffman. The events and individuals that pave the road to the bombing are too complex to cover in this short article, so relying on Hoffman’s book and a few other sources, we will take a look at alleged bomber Tim McVeigh – who was put to death for the bombing – and his associate German national Andreas Strassmeier. Without a doubt, these two men held the key to understanding the dynamics of the operation, even if they only had compartmentalized knowledge and were run by active or rogue federal agents.
McVeigh, as people will remember, was out of the U.S. Army, and had allegedly been radicalized by the events at Waco Texas where the ATF had stormed a compound filled with men, women and children to serve warrants for firearms violations. Of course, a huge firefight ensued and the building was burned down in the process, killing most of the people in it. This government over-reach followed on the heels of a similar shoot-out at Ruby Ridge Idaho, and the deaths of the Weaver family members. The so-called “Patriot” or militia movement was forming as mostly rural right-wing activists began arming themselves and running self-defense and training exercises. Law enforcement agencies began to infiltrate these movements, for intelligence information and undoubtedly to manipulate them. One such program was “PATCON”, or “Patriot Conspiracy”. Here is the cover page and link to the rest of the file:



“PATCON” went nationwide, with informants in nearly every State and organization, and evidence has come out from McVeigh’s alleged accomplice Terry Nichols that McVeigh was being “run” by a high-level FBI official. This news comes from “The Deseret News”, Feb. 22, 2007:


Nichols says bombing was FBI op
Detailed confession filed in S.L. about Oklahoma City plot
By Geoffrey Fattah, Deseret News
Published: Thursday, Feb. 22 2007

The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.
A declaration from Terry Lynn Nichols, filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, has proven to be one of the most detailed confessions by Nichols to date about his involvement in the bombing as well as the involvement of others. However, one congressman who has investigated the bombings remains skeptical of Nichols’ claims.
The declaration was filed as part of Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue’s pending wrongful death suit against the government for the death of his brother in a federal corrections facility in Oklahoma City. Trentadue claims his brother was killed during an interrogation by FBI agents when agents mistook his brother for a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.
The most shocking allegation in the 19-page signed declaration is Nichols’ assertion that the whole bombing plot was an FBI operation and that McVeigh let slip during a bout of anger that he was taking instruction from former FBI official Larry Potts.
Potts was no stranger to anti-government confrontations, having been the lead FBI agent at Ruby Ridge in 1992, which led to the shooting death of Vicki Weaver, the wife of separatist Randy Weaver. Potts also was reportedly involved in the 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas in 1993, which resulted in a fire that killed 81 Branch Davidian followers.
Potts retired from the FBI under intense pressure and criticism for the cover-up of an order to allow agents to shoot anyone seen leaving the Weaver cabin at Ruby Ridge.
When contacted, the FBI’s main office in Washington, D.C., said it could not provide immediate comment on Nichols’ claims Tuesday.
Nichols claims that, in December 1992, McVeigh told him that “while he was serving in the U.S. Army, he had been recruited to carry out undercover missions.”
In the next few years, the two men hatched the bombing plot. In October 1994, “McVeigh and I stole explosives from a quarry in Marion, Kansas consisting of 8 1/2 cases or boxes containing 229 (2-inch by 16-inch) sticks of the gel type explosive known as Tovex,” Nichols wrote, adding that only a small amount was used in the actual bombing.
It was later that, in a fit of rage, McVeigh mentioned Potts’ name, Nichols wrote.
“McVeigh said he believed Potts was manipulating him and forcing him to ‘go off script,’ which I understood meant to change the target of the bombing,” Nichols stated.

Further evidence of McVeigh acting as a government agent is found in part of a letter he sent his sister, which was published in “The New York Times”:

Excerpts From Timothy McVeigh Letter
Published: July 1, 1998
Following are excerpts from a letter dated Oct. 20, 1993, and written by Timothy J. McVeigh to his sister Jennifer McVeigh. The idiosyncrasies in spelling and punctuation are Mr. McVeigh’s.
Grandpa McVeigh saw this. He never knew why, but one day, I showed up at his door, freezing outside, in only sweat pants and in total, complete breakdown. Gramps, I’m sure, never told anyone about that day, and I respect him greatly for that, as I spent about an hour upstairs ”losing it.” It was almost suicide at that point, but rage, but denial, but acceptance — all these feelings were battling for control. . . .
Now here’s what led to my current life: It all revolves around my arrival at Ft. Bragg for Special Forces. We all took intelligence, psychological, adeptness, and a whole battery of other tests. (Out of a group of 400). One day in formation, ten (10) Social Security numbers were called out (no names) and told to leave formation. Mine was one.
The 10 of us were told that out of the select group of 400, we had scored highest on certain tests. We had been selected because of our intelligence, physical make-up (165 lbs. 6 ft. being ”ultimate warrier” type — I was only slightly off — 160 lbs. 6’1 1/2”), and physical abilities. We were to feel special, part of a hand-picked group). . . .
We were all asked to ”volunteer” (talk about peer pressure!) to do some ”work for the government on the domestic, as well as international, front.” . . .
What I learned next, both from the briefings, and from the questions and private talks included:
1.) We would be helping the CIA fly drugs into the U.S. to fund many covert operations;
2.) Military ”consultants” were to work hand-in-hand w/civilian police agencies to ”quiet” anyone whom was deemed a ”security risk.” (We would be gov’t-paid assassins!)
3.)Many other details — to verify these last two, see the enclosed article, or watch, again the movie ”Lethal Weapon”. . . .
It also gives you new insight on things like WACO, etc. — they were murdered by hit-men.
Some may say that McVeigh was merely stroking his own ego, but with extensive government stings like the above-listed “PATCON” the whole network of militia groups was heavily infiltrated. It also seems that Terry Nichols had nothing to gain by coming forward with the Larry Potts/FBI allegations, and indeed said information could have made life in jail much more dangerous for Nichols. We’ll return to McVeigh, but let’s take a look at another of McVeigh’s associates, the shady German character Andreas Strassmeier.

Andreas Strassmeier

Andreas Strassmeier

Hoffman’s book on the Oklahoma City bombing describes Strassmeier as serving in the German Panzer Grenadiers – the German special forces. Strassmeier had intelligence training, and was detailed to detect infiltration by Warsaw Pact agents, and feed them disinformation. His father is Gunter Strassmeier, former Parliamentary Secretary of State to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and his uncle and brother are also in the German government. Gunter Strassmeier allegedly has connections to the CIA. Andy Strassmeier was a weapons instructor at Elohim City, a white Supremacist compound near Oklahoma City. ATF informant Carol Howe, who was apparently romantically involved with various members of the Neo-Nazi movement reported that McVeigh, Strassmeier and Michael Brescia were close and traveled to gun shows together. This was at a time when Strassmeier was trying to get the movement to fight with the federal government and “blow up federal buildings”. Hoffman’s book paints a picture of Strassmeier as an inside agent, or possible double agent. In a report from the (London) “Telegraph”, Strassmeier is alleged to have infiltrated the “Texas Light Infantry” militia in 1988-89. The militia suspected Strassmeier had set them up on illegal gun deals, and called him out as an ATF agent. Neo-Nazi Dennis Mahon had planned to kill Strassmeier, but it never happened. Strassmeier also told the “Telegraph” that “The right wing in the U.S. is incredibly easy to penetrate if you know how to talk to them… of course it’s easier for a foreigner with an accent, nobody would ever suspect a German of working for the Federal government”. When Strassmeier was arrested briefly for driving without a license, “phone calls came in from the State Department, the Governor’s office, and someone said he had diplomatic immunity”. Hoffman further details that Strassmeier apparently had protection from either the State Department, the ATF or both. The FBI and local law enforcement (in this scenario, conflicting with the Larry Potts/FBI connection) was kept out of the loop. Additionally, Strassmeier’s lawyer Kirk Lyons stated that after the bombing Strassmeier had escaped back to Germany via Mexico and Paris with the aid of “Germany’s vaunted counter-terrorism unit GSG-9, the equivalent of our Delta Force”. In his interview with the “Telegraph”, “Strassmeier admits that the bombing was the result of a government sting gone bad- a sting involving agents of the ATF”. “The ATF had an informant inside the operation. They had advance warning and they bungled it” he said “What they should have done is make an arrest while the bomb was still being made instead of waiting until the last moment for a publicity stunt”. Asked if he thought the alleged informant would ever speak out, he replied with passion: How can he? What happens if it was a sting operation from the very beginning? What happens if it comes out that the plant was a provocateur? What if he talked and manipulated others into it? What then? The country couldn’t handle it. The relatives of the victims are going to go crazy, and he’s going to be held responsible for the murder of 168 people? Of course the informant can’t come forward. He’s scared shitless right now”. Before and after this outburst he kept repeating that he was not making veiled references to himself”.

There are many, many other angles to explore in the bombing case. Evidence indicates there were additional bombs inside the building, and that the “ANFO” homemade bomb in the Ryder truck could not have caused all the damage. There were also some suspicious murders of people who were involved in the investigation the bombing. As for Tim McVeigh taking the fall, we should note that McVeigh was attended in prison by the CIA’s top drug and brainwashing doctor – Louis Jolyon (Jolly) West. It was West who also attended to Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby (who died in prison), Robert Kennedy’s alleged killer Sirhan Sirhan (still in prison) as well as Tim McVeigh who was put to death. One wonders if the expert hypnotist and MK-Ultra drug specialist had compromised McVeigh or if McVeigh took the fall like a good patsy protecting others. Some people believe McVeigh was never killed and may still be a government asset.
Below is a video titled “A Noble Lie”, which delves deeply into these questions. Unfortunately, like the assassinations of the 1960’s, the Oklahoma City Bombing case may never truly be solved.

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