Why Radical Republicans Are Courting Radical Islam

June 14, 2013
CIA officer Graham Fuller

CIA officer Graham Fuller

Let’s all take another trip down the covert rabbit-hole, shall we?

As has been reported, the Uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers accused of the Boston Marathon Bombings was married to the daughter of high ranking CIA officer Graham Fuller.
Buried deep within an article about the Tsarneav family and Fuller is one of the best explanations of why a faction of Neo-conservative Republicans that run U.S. policy have been “in bed with” some of the most radical elements in the Islamic world.

Full disclaimer; this is not intended to paint all Muslims with a fringe-radical label – what we will see is that these Republican Neo-cons will put their money and guns in the hands of violent Jihadists at the expense of social justice and true freedom in the Muslim world.

In an article in NSFW, which can be found here, we have some specific details of the neo-conservative view of radical Islam from the Tsarnaev family relative, CIA officer Graham Fuller:

“Uncle Ruslan represented the positive side of the American Dream for the Tsarnaev extended clan. Uncle Ruslan had a knack for making all the right choices; Anzor, not so much.

In 1995, the same year Anzor Tsarnaev fled Chechnya with his family and returned to Kyrgyzstan, his younger brother Ruslan was working as a consultant for Arthur Anderson on a USAID contract to develop capital markets structures in Kazakhstan, whose huge untapped oil reserves were the source of an undeclared pipeline war that I wrote about in my last series of articles. In the late 1990s, Uncle Ruslan joined the Kazakh office of American law firm Salans Hertzfeld, where he serviced multinational oil companies tapping into Kazakhstan’s rich oil, gas and mineral resources.

Uncle Ruslan married into geopolitical royalty — Susan Fuller, the daughter of one of the most powerful CIA Cold War figures, Graham Fuller. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar’s father, on the hand, married a crazy Avar from Dagestan — at least, that’s how Uncle Ruslan put it in no uncertain terms, and with some justification, according to people whom I’ve spoken to who knew Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, and according to numerous other reports.

Uncle Ruslan’s father-in-law, Graham Fuller, had been forced into retirement from the CIA in the late 1980s over his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. Although never convicted of a crime, Graham Fuller has been named as the architect of the policy rationale used to justify the Iran-Contra operation, under which US arms were illegally sold to Ayatollah Khomeini’s armed forces. Profits from those illegal arms sales were used to make illegal arms purchases for the CIA-backed Contra forces fighting in Nicaragua.

At Harvard, Graham Fuller studied under Zbigniew Brzezinski, chairman of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya. In 1978, when Brzezinski was Jimmy Carter’s token Cold War hawk in the White House, Graham Fuller served as CIA station chief in Kabul, where Brzezinski hatched his now-famous plot to sow chaos in Afghanistan and draw in a costly Soviet invasion.

Fuller later explained:

“I was interested in understanding the soft underbelly of the Soviet Union, which is why I wanted to serve in Afghanistan.”
The 1978 coup in Afghanistan, Fuller’s last year in Kabul, sparked a series of violent backlashes and power-struggles that eventually drew in the hoped-for Soviet invasion in late 1979.

Fuller comes from that faction of CIA Cold Warriors who believed (and still apparently believe) that fundamentalist Islam, even in its radical jihadi form, does not pose a threat to the West, for the simple reason that fundamentalist Islam is conservative, against social justice, against socialism and redistribution of wealth, and in favor of hierarchical socio-economic structures. Socialism is the common enemy to both capitalist America and to Wahhabi Islam, according to Fuller.

According to journalist Robert Dreyfuss’ book “Devil’s Game,” Fuller explained his attraction to radical Islam in neoliberal/libertarian terms:

“There is no mainstream Islamic organization…with radical social views,” he wrote. “Classical Islamic theory envisages the role of the state as limited to facilitating the well-being of markets and merchants rather than controlling them. Islamists have always powerfully objected to socialism and communism….Islam has never had problems with the idea that wealth is unevenly distributed.”Some people who have come across the incredible coincidence of all these high-powered CIA names and the Chechen Tsarnaevs as proof of some sort of Masonic conspiracy. Most journalists are already freaked out enough by the simplest details of the Boston Marathon bombing and the FBI murder of Ibragim Todashev during his interrogation. They don’t want to go anywhere near this.
As I’ve argued already, I think there’s a far simpler and more obvious explanation for this: Chechnya is a small land, its people number just over a million. In the United States, there are only a few hundred Chechen political refugees, maybe a few thousand immigrants at most. Yet the region they come from has been, since the end of the Cold War, the real ground zero of a major geopolitical and energy resource battle between the West, Russia and the Gulf Kingdoms. By the law of averages, in a world as small and important as Chechen separatism and Caspian oil, coincidences like this are made far more likely than most people understand.”

This is something that many people don’t understand. There is a form of “Fascist International” that has no borders, only free-market ideology. We see this now with riots in Turkey against the free-market yet anti-freedom government that is steadily leaning toward radical Islamic policy.

Interestingly enough, the few that harbor grievances towards the Republican support of radical Islam are the whack jobs on the far-right, like Pam Geller. These people are so blinded against anything Islamic that they can’t see what is really going on with Republican foreign policy.
None-the-less, there is some fairly good reporting in some circles. Here is an excerpt from an article about Republican task-master Grover Norquist. Norquist, feared by Republican House members, famously said “I want to shrink Government down to the size where I can drown it in a bathtub.”

From “News With Views”:


By Kelleigh Nelson
June 13, 2012
“Gary Johnson, Jr., wrote, Khaled Saffuri: Where is He Now in September of 2010. Here is a portion of that article:

Grover founded the Islamic Free Market Institute (referred to as Islamic Institute) with Khaled Saffuri in 1998. The Safa Trust donated at least $35,000, and the International Institute of Islamic Thought contributed $11,000. Both organizations were alleged to be part of the so-called SAAR Network of interrelated business and non-profit entities with ties to sources of terrorism financing, and were among the subjects of a March 20, 2002 raid conducted by the U.S. Custom Service under the auspices of Operation Green Quest.

Before linking up with Grover Norquist, Khaled Saffuri was involved in the American Muslim Council (AMC). Saffuri’s boss, Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Executive Director of the AMC, utilized his links with over 20 Muslim organizations in America to peddle influence in the Clinton White House.

The Operation Green Quest raids led to the convictions of two people, including Abdurahman Alamoudi, who worked for the SAAR Foundation. Alamoudi admitted that he plotted with Libya to assassinate the Saudi ruler and was sentenced to 23 years in jail. Alamoudi would provide Grover Norquist with $20,000 to help create the Islamic Free Market Institute. (And Alamoudi allegedly gave $50,000 to the lobbying group Janus-Merritt Strategies, which Norquist co-founded.) A further five years down the road, in 2003, Alamoudi would be captured with over a quarter million dollars in funds from Libya’s Qaddafi, earmarked to support jihad.

Alamoudi was among a group of Muslim Brotherhood operatives who were invited on May 1, 2000 to meet with Bush in the Texas governor’s mansion. Saffuri was designated the Bush campaign’s Muslim outreach coordinator and Norquist assisted another prominent Brother, Sami al-Arian, to obtain a commitment from candidate Bush that, if elected, he would prohibit the use of classified intelligence evidence in deportation proceedings.”

Three years later Sami al-Arian, the University of South Florida professor, would be brought up on charges of supporting Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

Ironically, the far right is so filled with hate for anything Islamic, they don’t get the big picture; that there is a transnational ideology that values wealth over human life – a sort of pantheistic Ayn Rand-ism that will oppress populations and facilitate war and devastation in order to create the enduring “corporate state”.

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2 Responses to Why Radical Republicans Are Courting Radical Islam

  1. Anonymous on June 15, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    It’s a mistake to believe that the people behind this are just “a faction of Neo-conservative Republicans.” Zbigniew Brzezinski actively campaigned for Obama.

    The shadow government that appears to be behind the scenes will make use of both parties to serve their needs. Witness how the NSA spying network is being defended by both Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham who are on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum.

    • DR on June 16, 2013 at 6:11 pm

      Your point is well taken, but somewhat of a stretch.

      First, let’s look at Di-Fi; she is so deep into the national security state that she had to quit her post at a military appropriations committee because her husband’s business was profiting off contracts she oversaw:

      Feinstein quits committee under war-profiteer cloud
      Report documents military contracts
      for firms owned by senator’s husband
      Published: 03/28/2007
      Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2007/03/40845/#S6AkcxVyU8FVRRW2.99

      Now, let’s look at Z-Big;

      He’s part of the east-European cold warrior crowd.
      I remember reading that when Carter’s campaign staff saw that Z-Big was going to be appointed to Carter’s cabinet that it would sink Carter.
      That proved to be true, (with help from Bush senior and Bill Casey with the Iran October Suprise plot).

      If you look at my previous article “Germany, America and The New Ottoman Empire” I note how every time the U.S. has “Liv
      berated” a country in the region of the old Ottoman Empire a secular government is replaced with an Islamic-tilted government.
      This includes Clinton’s bombing in Bosnia, The Serbs, etc.


      But historically, the push for Islamification of secular governments in the middle east is reflected in the comments of neo-con Graham Fuller in the article above.

      My beleif is it goes back to the influence that the Nazi Gehlen spy network that was brought into the CIA had a huge influence on that policy, and I will get to that in a future post.

      As far as Lindsey Graham, well, he has a lot of blackmail skeletons in his “closet”.

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