Emerging Viruses And The Threat of Biowarfare

May 25, 2014

emerging viruses

After listening to several excellent interviews with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, I ordered his book “Emerging Viruses – Aids and Ebola; Nature, Accident or Intentional?” In this heavily foot noted 500-plus page book, Dr. Horowitz makes a persuasive case that some of the most dangerous diseases on the planet came out of labs doing research on cancer viruses. I’ll have a full book review after I finish reading it, but the Amazon link is HERE and several great interviews with Horowitz can be found at “Spitfire List”, namely FTR 4 and FTR 16 At this link.
It also just so happens that viruses as a weapon of war have been all over the news lately. First, let’s take a look at this article from the Guardian via “Raw Story”:

Mutant virus experiments risk unleashing global pandemic, study warns
By Ian Sample

Public health experts have warned that controversial experiments on mutant viruses could put human lives in danger by unleashing an accidental pandemic.

Several groups of scientists around the world are creating and altering viruses to understand how natural strains might evolve into more lethal forms that spread easily among humans.

But in a report published on Tuesday, researchers at Harvard and Yale universities in the US argue that the benefits of the work are outweighed by the risk of pathogenic strains escaping from laboratories and spreading around the world.
They calculate that if 10 high-containment labs in the US performed such experiments for 10 years, the chance of at least one person becoming infected was nearly 20%. If an infected person left the laboratory, the virus might then spread more widely.
“We are not saying this is going to happen, but when the potential is a pandemic, even a small chance is something you have to weigh very heavily,” said Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at Harvard School of Public Health, who wrote the report with Alison Galvani, an epidemiologist at Yale.
The report threatens to reignite a crisis in science that erupted in 2012 when a US biosecurity panel ruled that two separate studies on mutant bird flu were too dangerous to publish. They described the creation of new mutant strains that spread among ferrets – a proxy for humans – held in neighbouring cages. One fear was that the recipe for the pathogens might fall into the hands of bioterrorists.


This begs the obvious question; How many viruses are intentionally being manipulated with the expected result of de-population and warfare?
Why even ask. Of course they are, and Dr. Horowitz’s “Emerging Viruses” demonstrates how that has happened. It’s no wonder New York, San Francisco and various countries in Africa were targeted for experimental vaccine programs – and that’s where the AIDS virus first appeared, almost simultaneously.
We’ll delve into Horowitz’s book at a future date, but back to the news:

French fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen has hinted that the Ebola virus could come in handy for solving Europe’s “immigration problem”:

Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests Ebola as solution to global population explosion
Virus ‘could sort out demographic explosion’ and by extension Europe’s ‘immigration problem’, says founder of Front National

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of France’s far-right Front National, has suggested the deadly virus Ebola could solve the global “population explosion” and by extension Europe’s “immigration problem”.

At a cocktail party before an election rally in Marseille on Tuesday evening, days before the European elections in which the FN is leading the polls in France, Le Pen spoke of the “demographic explosion” in the world.
“Monseigneur Ebola could sort that out in three months,” he said in front of journalists.

Later, addressing supporters, Le Pen, 85, said he feared the French population risked being “replaced … by immigrants”.

“In our country and in all Europe, we have known a cataclysmic phenomenon – a migratory invasion that, my friends, we are seeing only the beginning of today.”
Le Pen, who is standing as MEP for the south-east seat, added: “This massive immigration risks producing a real replacement of populations if we don’t arrive in power soon enough to put an end to the politics of decadence that has been followed for decades.”
He said that religion added an “aggravating factor” to this problem because many immigrants were Muslim and Islam had a “conquering vocation … and even more conquering when it feels strong and they feel numerous”
Speaking in Marseille, which elected an FN mayor in one of its districts in recent elections, Le Pen was followed on stage by his daughter, party president Marine.

Once again, her father undermined her campaign to convince voters the FN has evolved from its days as a vehicle for the extreme right and Nazi apologists.

In order to understand how biological warfare experiments are conducted, I suggest you read the stunning article by Richard Hatch from Covert Action Information Bulletin:

National Can­cer Insti­tute and the Fort Det­rick Link
Richard Hatch
Covert Action Infor­ma­tion Bul­letin Num­ber 39 (Win­ter 1991–92)

“Pres­i­dent Nixon’s 1971 announce­ment that Fort Det­rick would be con­verted to a cen­ter for can­cer research could not be imme­di­ately imple­mented. First, BW agents stored there, such as the anti-crop agent rice blast, had to be destroyed. The build­ings were then decon­t­a­m­i­nated and the facil­i­ties were turned over to the NCI, which renamed the facil­ity the Fred­er­ick Can­cer Research Cen­ter; Litton-Bionetics was named as the prime con­trac­tor.. A major player in the military-industrial com­plex, the cor­po­ra­tion worked exten­sively on the dis­per­sion of BW agents from planes, and included U..S. Air Force con­tracts for “the super­sonic deliv­ery of dry bio­log­i­cal agents.“28 From 1966 to 1968, Bio­net­ics Research Lab­o­ra­to­ries (which became Litton-Bionetics in 1973) held two con­tracts with the U.5. Army BW program.29 At the same time, it held major con­tracts with the NCI.30

One of Bio­net­ics Research Lab­o­ra­to­ries’ most impor­tant NCI con­tracts was a mas­sive virus inoc­u­la­tion pro­gram that began in 1962 and and ran until at least 1976, and used more than 2,000 mon­keys. Dr. Robert Gallo, the con­tro­ver­sial head of the cur­rent U.S. AIDS research pro­gram at NCI and its chief of its tumor cell biol­ogy lab­o­ra­tory, and Dr. Jack Gru­ber, for­merly of VCP and then NIH, were project offi­cers for the inoc­u­la­tion pro­gram. The mon­keys were injected with every­thing from human can­cer tis­sues to rare viruses and even sheep’s blood in an effort to find a trans­mis­si­ble can­cer. Many of these mon­keys suc­cumbed to immuno­sup­pres­sion after infec­tion with the Mason-Pfizer mon­key virus, the first known immuno­sup­pres­sive retrovirus,31 a class of viruses that includes the human immun­od­e­fi­ciency virus.”

Now let’s take a look at some U.S.-run bio-labs that are right on the border of Russia, with the potential use to create weaponized viruses:

From “Eurasia Review”:

Georgia Conducts Dangerous Experiments With Viruses

May 6, 2013

By Boris Murashkin

The people of Georgia are in danger. This sensational statement was made by the Georgian President’s former American advisor, journalist Jeffrey Silverman. According to him, a laboratory on the outskirts of Tbilisi is developing health hazardous viruses that are being tested on local residents.
The laboratory is named after American senator Richard Lugar. This is not a mere coincidence. The laboratory was opened with the assistance of the American government. According to official information, specialists at the laboratory study the genetics of bacteria and viruses. However, former advisor to the President Jeffrey Silverman believes that the laboratory is engaged in developing viruses rather than studying them.
Reportedly, in 2001-2003, Silverman helped Mikhail Saakashvili to carry out his presidential campaign. But later their paths diverged. The latest statement by Silverman that residents of Georgia have become a target of dangerous experiments is one of the most discussed topics in Georgia now. According to Silverman, experiments with viruses have led to the spread of such dangerous illnesses as pig flu and measles.
NTI.org adds this:
Russia Threatens Georgian Trade Over U.S. Biolab
22, 2013

“Russia’s top public health official on Saturday said his country could limit trade relations with neighboring Georgia for hosting a U.S. biological research site wielding “powerful offensive potential,” Interfax reported.

“Russia deems it to be a direct violation of BWC (Biological Weapons Convention),” Gennady Onishchenko told the news agency. He was referring to the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research, according to Civil Georgia.
“With the enlargement of contacts and supplies of wine products, vegetables, and other agricultural products to Russia, our alarm at the presence of a powerful U.S. Navy biological laboratory in Georgia not controlled by Georgian authorities will be increasing,” Interfax quoted him as saying. “Food products are the most efficient way for hazardous substances to enter a human organism, which could be used deliberately with the purposes of causing damage to health.”
Onishchenko previously accused Georgia of unleashing a bout of African swine fever on Russia in an agricultural assault.
A top Georgian medical official on Saturday called the concerns about the laboratory “a complete absurdity,” Interfax reported separately.”

“Tengri News” reports of a similar lab in Kazakhstan:US Defense Department might be constructing dual-capable laboratory in Kazakhstan
Thursday, 26.12.2013, 14:03

US Defense Department is constructing a dual-capable biological laboratory to complement a network of similar facilities constructed along the Russia’s border, which might pose a threat to safety o Russia and Central Asia states, fondsk.ru reports, citing Dmitry Popov, head of the Ural Think-tank of the Russia’s Institute for Strategic Research.

The laboratory is being constructed on the basis of the Almaty-based antibubonic facility built back in Soviet times. The stated purpose of the new facility is to “ensure security of select agents left behind in Kazakhstan as part of the Soviet military biological program and find ways to counteract them”.

According to the analyst, the facility might be used by the Pentagon for biological developments for military purposes. Mr. Popov said that the cost of construction ($108 million) “significantly exceeds costs of constructing any similar facilities [should they serve stated purposes] and is a sign to the facility hosting dual-capable equipment”. The program is being supervised by US Senator Richard Lugar closely linked with the US military world, which is also suspicious, according to Mr. Popov.

Russian experts believe that constructing laboratories close to Russia’s borders enables the USA to carry out military biological tests outside their own territory not to be afraid of the public sentiments inside the USA; such steps enable the USA to circumvent international treaties banning biological weapons and to create pathogenic microorganism aimed at specific genotypes within certain areas, carry out prohibited tests of biological agents, monitoring their virulence, lethality and other properties.

According to Mr. Popov, in the last decades the USA has built a whole network of dual-capable laboratories in Europe, Africa, South East Asia. In the post Soviet states similar facilities are already accommodated in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

The expert believes the facility in Kazakhstan is to join the so-called bioPRO system. “Should the concerns over the Almaty facility be substantiated, the threat will be aggravated through free exchange of goods between Kazakhstan and Russia within the Customs Union and through labor migration from Central Asia”, he said
According to the author, an easy way to dissolve the fears is to ensure transparency of the process at all the stages, including construction and further research.


The Genie is clearly out of the bottle. There are many, many books and articles available that detail various uses of biological weapons, dating back to those used by American settlers who gave small-pox infested blankets to the native American Indian population.
https://sildenafilhealth.com is a safe medication, which is demonstrated by the results of the recent researches.
This is perhaps the most frightening niche of warfare experiments on the planet, and it appears to have already been in use. More on this topic later.

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